Monday, May 19, 2008

05 19 2008~

This few days…
Went out early in the morning and back at night..
Besides going tuition, I had family outing almost everyday continuously…
Bought liao a lot of stuff, [how can I don’t buy a thing whenever I go shopping?]
Including shirt, skirt, NO pants [I hate it], and even phone..
Yea now using it liao, at first my aunt wanna buy a new phone then I recommended her this model, finally she can’t make any decision and my dad ended up buying it for me LOLz. How lucky..
Cut my hair liao, doesn’t look much difference except for the front hair which looks so ‘mushroom’ T_T, bit uneasy when it is not long anymore..but better to cut than to be caught by prefects and discipline teachers gua…
Later…going out again, OMG almost forgotten that tomorrow I will still have another paper of exam, lalala~ forget it and enjoy the present ba xD xD… don’t feel like going to school actually. Wanna ponteng on this Friday due to some celebration in school, but too bad still have to go to snap photographs for Sidang T_T…

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