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23 May, 2008


05 23 2008~
Went to school today with my friend. I think there were only 8 person of my class came to school today. It was Teacher’s Day Celebration, and my job was always the same--- taking photographs with 1 senior and 2 juniors. Feeling tired now, because I have had to walk here and there all the way to snap pictures [sounds like paparazzi LOL]. When I squad down, I accidentally hurt my knee T_T how unlucky… There were speeches, prize-giving ceremony, games and lots more. I kinda enjoyed myself for taking photographs of c.u.t.e teachers and funny scenes. Then met Chun Hoe also, chatted with him and kinda caught up with how’s he doing these days. Now I wonder why didn’t I see him in the carnival of Saujana that day, aiks. I also got my Physics Paper 1, kinda relieved to see my result for Paper 1 ONLY, because she hasn’t finished marking Paper 2 yet. So holiday starts at the moment I came home from school, and my day today is boring, I know, because I have nothing better to do than to blog here and print exhibition stuff for the I..U. Day. I need help from people for this exhibition thing, but I don’t think there are plenty who are willing to help, so never mind I think I can still handle it myself if I work more hardworking in these two weeks. And does anyone here have any idea on where to find Mexican hat and masks? Preferably cheap, nice and easily available. It was really hard to find…

Attention to 4Gs,
There will be a Biology extra class on next Monday and Tuesday at 8.00am to 9.30am. The purpose Mr. Ariff wants to held this extra class is to--- “kejar syllabus”. Maklumlah he managed to teach until Chapter3 only now. Please bring along your Biology note book and your own reference book if possible. He will teach Chapter 4. And…if there is time left, he might want to extend the class until 10.00am. So, hopefully 4Gs can support him and attend his class =D

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