20 June, 2008

Good news for myself… xD
Mum and Dad told us that we are going for vacation on next Wednesday till Friday (3 days 2 nights)--- which means I won’t be skipping any tuition classes, but I just have to miss three days of school lessons =X. Ermmm…we will be going to Awana Kijal Resorts at Terengganu. =D

Just because of the trip, Dad had learnt the way to drive to Terengganu xD. I knew he does not like driving to far places all this while. Even when we asked him to drive us to Mid Valley, he refused to, because he hates far distance [thou’ Midvali isn’t far at all LOL] He even bought a map from MPH, LOL to ensure that we would not get lost there =X …And Terengganu…Far eh? But the airplane tickets are too costly =X, far more expensive than the price of petrol thou’ it had increased recently.

I wish to have a new camera to snap all the beautiful sceneries there. =X but too bad, Mum doesn’t want to waste money anymore because overall we have to spend quite some money on the trip. Since it is a last-minute plan, I don’t mind skipping school for this… xD So…Besties, don’t miss me ba… =D I will buy souvenirs for ya…IF and only if nice things are available xD xD…
These are some photos of what I get from the net, hoping that it will not be “indah khabar dari rupa” only… =X =X

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