14 July, 2008

07 14 2008~
Nothing can comes again...
It comes and goes, and I shouldn’t force to get something that doesn’t belong to me. After all, I am just not the right one no matter how many people were once there standing for me. I don’t mind if it actually becomes mine or not. It matters to me because I want myself to actually realize that the world is unfair. The capability that one has doesn’t mean everything. There are still other aspects to be considered--- example the relationship. And hence the consideration is finally over; the outcome is awaiting me and I lose to myself.
During the AJK library meeting just now, she finally asked me to do that thing which I don’t want to. Luckily it isn’t as bad as I thought. So… it was a ‘library magazine’. Have you ever seen it before? She said that we had it for twice last year--- being distributed to all classes in the form of brochure. Okiee this pamphlet is all about our library and interesting events happening in school, or maybe some new things too if anyone of you come out with better idea? Hehes… My responsibility is just to edit and publish it and finally distribute it by this coming September. However for now, I wish to make something new, better than last year’s one. But I don’t think I will have the time and creativity to do it LOL. I scared it might bored everyone and even worse if people don’t want to even have a glance at it LOL. If there is any suggestion from you, then please let me know ba^^ tyyyyyy.....

Here are some beautiful moments of some silly things happened xD.

{{{ Victim: Ah Cheong AND.... "Predators": Ah Kum and Wah Jie AND....

Photographer: Ah Fong }}}
LOL... Hiding over a blend of depression and anxiety...

Cisss... =X =X warned by Vivi to delete all these photos, but still I won't delete the words here xD

I finally understood why Mr. Ariff told me that my result had dropped greatly. Yea it was because my score for this exam is 20 marks lesser than the previous one. OmG 20marks =.=” it’s a great fall, isn’t it? And he blamed me for not listening to him during his lesson and didn’t attend his extra classes. LOL seriously, I wanted his extra class, but he didn’t have any after all =X due to the ‘support’ from us xD. And… during his lesson, I was always busy--- busy walking around, busy skipping his class, busy doing Addmaths, busy chatting around, busy this and that LOL… =X =X Anyway… I hope to show some increment in my score next time… =X =X hope larhhhh… [hehes]


This is simply a good thing about this new scientific calculator xD... And this is how I spent my time during Ariff's Biology class--- wasting time xD


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