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17 July, 2008

07 17 2008~

A word that suits all…
I don’t feel anything today…just plain and pain

During meeting, I was not paying attention at all--- because I don’t want to even think bout a single thing of that club. I am not a part of BOD anymore; I am not going for IU Day anymore, I am not going to stroll down all the streets just to get those stuff that I was once responsible in it I don’t feel like being a member there anymore, for it brings me too much disappointment, for the mistake that soon be done, for everything that I should be responsible in.

Then… There are more and more projects to be done--- PJ which I have not even touched yet, and almost forgotten what was our title LOL, Civic Khidmat Masyarakat thingy--- I don’t want people nearby to boost in front me, and Civic Akta thingy. Merv told me that he couldn’t find a thing bout it, =.=” and I was lazy to search for it too. I was only keen in searching for nice, suitable songs xD xD…

This Saturday,...yea skipping tuition is a must. You see, I am willing to sacrifice my tuition classes for you, Spell xD xD... However I will still go there after the singing competition ends. I love Spell, for choosing such nice songs =D [both are my faves, please don’t change song xD]. Plus, Cheekuan, Jiameng, Keiyan and I will be there to support him. He should feel sweet deep in his heart xD xD… Hope Vivi will come too =]

{{{I am sorry, I will change~}}}

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