24 July, 2008

07 24 2008~

Fact #1 ---I am indecisive…
It’s just between to do or not to do…to go or not go…to skip or not to skip…to tell or not to tell… but I can’t decide because it can affect many people --- although I know that my presence is not important at all. I asked guys and gurls--- different people give me different answer. But I couldn’t wait. I have to pronounce myself an answer as soon as possible.

Fact #2 ---I am careless…
It was important to me although it recalled some unpleasant past. But I lost it this time; I really lost it. There was a teacher walking towards me, and then I took it off and put it under my desk or pencil case [I don’t remember]. When I searched for it again, it was gone… anditwasgoneforever.

Fact #3 ---you hate me…
Full stop. No discussion over this topic.

I just reached home, a bit late than usual because we were waiting for the Auntylily =X to come and give us the club tees. *smiles* we finally have our club T-shirts ready, I hope we could distribute it tomorrow? Coz’ we need it for this Saturday’s event =D. And we finally decided the groups for photography competition (; And I will be in the same group with my close friends--- Spellie, Joeyyy, Jiamenggg, Fungsoon =D weee~. I am glad that I can skip school at Saturday, but also afraid if I would miss any lesson taught during Chemistry.

*[[[ The world is a better place without you….

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