11 August, 2008

Sunday}} Sis' Great Dae~
Happy Graduation!! ^^

After tuition classes, they both went home with me by LRT (I was in a rush back home, so I have had to take LRT instead of the bus). On the way to the station, we passed by a lot of florists’ stalls. And… I bought Sis another thingy there----

Reached home at 2.45pm. Gosh, Sis’ bf was going to fetch us there at 4pm =.=” I have only an hour left to have my lunch, take bath and get ready =X Aunt came up to my house to write cards for Sis with me…

In the car… Silence… Aunt, Him and Me didn’t talk much. I mean, we have not many common topics. Aiks.... Feel so 尴尬 sitting in that car =X =X

We reached UKM at 4.45pm =.= Sis, Dad and Mum haven't come out from the hall yet, so we waited outside~

On Saturday, I saw this and wanted to buy for Sis. But it costs RM60 =.= I have not enough cash at that time, so forget it =]

The pigs are so cute isn't it? With the genuine Ferrero Rocher =D
I ended up buying her this... Snoopys are nice too =D
RM 50 T_T ...I left no cash when going home
The hall is so so so crowded @_@
Me + Sis + Gifts from ME =D
Happy f.a.m.i.l.y =D
=D nice climbing up the slope~
Main: Family ; Background: UKM board + waterfall
The flowers [at corner left] and the PINK bear [at corner right] are from her bf =X =X

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