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18 September, 2008

9月 17日 , 星期三,阴

I was late for school today T_T
Yahhhh it happened dunnohowmanytimes already this few weeks.
Usually I reach school right at the time when people are already in their lines, and teacher scolding them to shut up blablabla [as usual].
But today…
I reached quite late, later than other ordinary days.
It was Wednesday, so we have to wear our uniformed unit attire. But I saw Vivi wearing librarian school uniform and heading the library. LOL so I followed, =X to escape myself from being caught for being late for school.
On the way to the library, Mr. S approached me.

Mr. S: Where are you going?
Me: Library. {I answered shortly}
Mr. S: Oh whyyy? It is assembly time now.
Me: Err… erm…. I need to do some work there.. {Trying to hide the truth}
Mr. S: No, you can’t go there now. Go to the assembly straightaway.
Me: Harrr? Really ke…
Mr. S: What??? What a funny question you asked… What’s the time now? You must go there NOW.
Me: Okayyyyyyy {fine. HmpH =X}

Suddenly Loudao happened to be there =D I thought he would ‘save’ me xD…

Mr. Loke: Yaya,,,go now lar…
Me: Really have to go meh? They are singing National Anthem already larrr…
Mr. Loke: Nevermind go after they sing…
Me: What if they catch me? {they=prefects}
Mr. Loke: Won’t want larr…
Me: You going with me?
Mr. Loke: Yaya…let’s go…

When I reached the 3H line, he stopped at the computer lab and waved bye to me
T_T how sadddd…

Then I saw Boon Pin again =.=”
As everyone knows, he loves talking crap LOL
He said, “Wah, top 1 so pro o.. late again… Got more than 10 times or not arh?”
Kar Herng added, “More than 20 times already larrr”.

LOL bad prefects =X =X

After school, I went for tuition classes as usual. Physics’ topic today: Fish In The Pond…LOL it’s about those ‘yellow’ thing lar… And he kept texting me, teasing me about it. =.=”

After class, I met her *Mr. A !!! He was alone, but he didn’t wear his nametag, so I was not sure if it was him. LOL I saw him walking across the road towards the commuter station, *sigh*. And she seemed had no hopes towards him anymoreee…. How pitiful… While we both were looking at him, Bran saw our strange act and asked if we were crazy LOL =.=”

4 of us went to LRT station together. And he said that he was afraid of me, scared that I would whack him =.=” LOL I won’t larrrr…I still don’t get why you are so scared…*sigh*

9月 18日 , 星期四,阴

I reached school earlier than yesterday =D…
LOL yeaaa after the bell rang, but before everyone lines up…
But still,
Boon Pin asked me, “Eyh today you late until didn’t go for assembly arhh?”
LOL so sad to hear that… I told him that I was early today, but nobody believes me…
Aiks… I heard from him that in his school, latecomers will be punished to run around the field for few times or get caned. Awww…. If I am in his school, I really dare not to be late for school lerhhh…

During Biology class today, they embarrassed him again… Aiksss, he is so cham lerh…
Ms. Sim is right actually,

“Don’t ask what he does to you,
ask yourself what did you do to him”

“Yea, nothing. All of you do nothing and you’re complaining”

“Don’t make me ignore you one day until I don’t even bother to scold you anymore”

LOL… Suddenly I felt so sad for Mr. A
I knew the way I wrote this here would make some people angry LOL,
Since so many people hate Mr. A so much =X
But have you ever thought of what Ms. Sim said?
Rethink it yourself ba…. }}}

It is the day I duty again today, so boring…
Left two of us niaaa, since others have changed day to duty when Form3 librarians need not to duty until PMR ends. I went down to eat with Spell, leaving Vivi and *someone there--- to give a good opportunity for Vivi to “do what she wants” xD xD.

LOL Vivi, I didn’t say anything =X =X

And Spell said that he is scared of me blablabla..
Yahhhhhhhh somanypeopleareSCAREDofme T_T
How saddddd..

I heard their singing practice today,
Sounds so funny and great =D
How’d I wish to go…
But too bad, I can’t skip tuition classes…

Ermmm yahhh I knew it's a long,boring post.
Sorry, I had nothing else to mention here (:


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