Friday, October 31, 2008

*Lunch at Fusion Haven...

Thanks DaddyLoke for being the driver xDD...

And MummyLoke for being so sweeeeeeeeeet...

Sorry FungSoon for not going there to him =Xx,

even Spell is the same LOL

___Emo-ing T_T

_______BM was 'great' ;

never get such low marks before...


勇气? 到底是什么?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sad day…

Too many sad things happened todaee LOLz..

Firstly, AddMaths thingy T_T"

I don't really enjoy this person, she is just...aiks...

I dare not to comment anything bout this bitch..

Oh ya by the way,

I hate asshole like you =.="

I mean the way you talk, ughh

Irritates me sooo much

Secondly, Accounts thingy...

You promised us that

our results would not be put into our report card,

But some bitches ended up ruining everything...

Hope to solve it tomorrow...

Thirdly, singing part...

If you notice, I didn't practise today...

Coz' I kept singing the 小酒窝 xDD haha-s

But yesterday I practised in front of Sis,

She said I kept 走音 @_@"

LOL chamcham...ineedyoubadlySpellDarling...

By the way, sorry for the way I shout before I left =Xx...

Bit no mood that time T_T...

___Sorry Darlings

Fourth, Math thingy...

*Math sux =.="

Fifth, Chemistry test AGAIN

Everyone knows exam is over,

why do we still need such a great test again?

Sixth, I am sorry T_T

For lying to you,

For hiding it from all of you...

I should have told you at the first place,

But yet I seem to be selfish ; I am afraid of you...



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

=DD bit busy with librarian stuff these days~
However, I am considered as
the one who do few jobs
compared to our Juliet
who slept at 2am for so many nights
Apart from EdiBoard annual Hi-Tea which we already had
and our LibrarianAnnualDinner...
there will be loads of jamuan too xDD
Should I go for CF's one at Fusion Heaven?
Next week will be our Photographyclub one,
At KumkeiyanFongszehuiCheongyanhui Restaurant =Xx,
bored of the place LOLz...

By the way,

I kinda love this movie,

Influenced by Juliet again LOL xDD

It's The Coffin,

A Thai movie, showing on 30 Oct '08 =DD

Looks scary after watching its trailer xDD

This is the way they work =DD

To produce such a great impact on the movie =Xx

And sleeping in a real coffin...
In fact, there is not only ONE,
but A LOT

Plus the superb light effect =D

Oh ya not to forget,

There will be Madagascar2 showing on...

On my birthdaeee =DD

They are so charming xDD

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

=D school holiday todayyyy, for Deepavali…
Finish unpacking all the trip stuff,
:) Rushed to finish up all the invitation cards
for Librarian Annual Dinner ‘08

* You must be wondering what are these....

and these too >.<

cut paste draw colour

for us ♥ librarians

for our “beloved” teachers xD

___Having the passion to do every single thing here,
thou’ the attendance of librarians on the day is not so satisfying…
(: Let’s prove to them that
it’s their loss for not attending this dinner

Also made choc cookies with Sis in the morning
while online-ing xD
=D this time is successful,

Although there is still space of improvement
on its appearance LOL

Aaaaaaaaaanyway it’s not enough for *you to eat xD,
so nextime ba..


I just back from YeeWen's house for drama + singing practice xD
I am playing the role of the voice of Juliet LOL

I love this character xDD...
Not shy at all unlike *someone xD
♥♥♥ Heart *it =DD
*I really didn't know that our library is so rich xD
Thanks to Miss Treasurer =DD

^^ Looks like graduation certs xD
But edible ones xD

Monday, October 27, 2008

Just back from Malacca Trip =D


First destination: Malacca Zoo =DD

Cute parrots (:

Show by human-like animals…
We are from the same kingdom--- Animalia xDD

Me Tapir..
LOL thought of Leongleong when talking bout Tapir T_T

Look fake?? =Xx… they can all live together…
Safari World =DD
Let’s jump!~ [over excited xDD]
Blend into the greens xD

His right hind leg is injured T_T
awww…pity him~

Yummmyyyy =D

Going greeeeee-ns :)

Famileeee pict =P
FiSh Papa Mama Moon

Its fur is su-perrrrrr smooth,
true. Coz I getta touch it xDD .


Observe what’s he is doing xDD
scratching himself? LOL

Our species too =Xx

BIG tortoise xDD

__Longggggggg tongue of a B.E.A.R

Awesome lights~

At 6pm sharp…
Queueing up in front of this Capitol Restaurant---
for "sate celup" =D

SO longgggg the queue is…

maiii family is queueing

farrrrrrrrr behind there actually @_@”

Take a chance to *smile*

Get in at 7.45pm @_@””
After queueing for almost 2 hours LOL

It's actually like steamboat LOLz...
Just that it is not soup inside the pot,
but is satay sauce =DD

Night scene of Malacca River =DD
*beautiful light rayssss___

*The busy Jonker Street =DD
Everyone is busy shopping here...

And I bought these =D
*Cute wooden padlocksss

Maii breakfast at The Cafe' of the hotel =.=

Queue-d up early for lunch =D
To have this famous chicken rice ball in Malacca

The *must-go historical place :)

Meriam ke?=Xx

*Hideous me~

Awesome trishaws =D
T_T but didn't getta ride,
coz' it is RM40 per hour...

Photographing with *snake
Costs you another RM10 =.="

I am wet actually,
standing there...
Sunday's usual talk @_@"
I tak pehem ape dia ckp sbnarnye LOL

*Bullock cart~

*Old trains I used to see in TVs =D

Keris Taming Sari ^^
And old Wright Brothers' aeroplanes...

Everyone knows this (:

Mango ice * Soursop ice
___From Dataran Pahlawan Square
Just like in KL, the weather in Malacca is super hot too

Ermmm istana something I think =Xx
*Bored of the historical places *LOL

^ Menara Taming Sari^
*Can see the whole Malacca from top =D
But RM20 per pax T_T

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple =D
*Built since 335 years ago

*Shopping time =D
(: Bought these My Art tee-s

Mine ; Sis' ; Aunt's
*Bought from some art gallery too LOL
__Night scene of the hotel I stayed
Evening scene of Malacca Eye
*Shifted from Titiwangsa to here xD

Night scene of Malacca Eye =D
Nice hor?? =Xx
But much smaller than Titiwangsa one..
And cheap enough!! xDD
RM5 per person onlyyyy
Pirate ship =DD

*Breakfast here...
_♥ It's the nicest McD I have ever been LOLx...
With b.e.s.t service too =DD

_Me Aunt_
Crocodile farm ♥♥♥
Extremely hot and sunny here actually @_@"
*could hardly open up my eyes...

♥♥♥ Ladies in glasses

Back to KL T_T
Went to this famous restaurant in Kuchai Lama
*Queued up AGAIN...
LOL perhaps used to queueing up after days? xDD
The hectic atmosphere___


Have great time in these 3 days =DD

*Forgotten all the stress in school xDD

And low marks in exams LOL


Malacca isn't the most boring place I visited ever =DD

Regrets: Couldn't visit the Recreational Forest T_T

_♥ Love greeennnsssssss =DD


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