27 October, 2008

Just back from Malacca Trip =D


First destination: Malacca Zoo =DD

Cute parrots (:

Show by human-like animals…
We are from the same kingdom--- Animalia xDD

Me Tapir..
LOL thought of Leongleong when talking bout Tapir T_T

Look fake?? =Xx… they can all live together…
Safari World =DD
Let’s jump!~ [over excited xDD]
Blend into the greens xD

His right hind leg is injured T_T
awww…pity him~

Yummmyyyy =D

Going greeeeee-ns :)

Famileeee pict =P
FiSh Papa Mama Moon

Its fur is su-perrrrrr smooth,
true. Coz I getta touch it xDD .


Observe what’s he is doing xDD
scratching himself? LOL

Our species too =Xx

BIG tortoise xDD

__Longggggggg tongue of a B.E.A.R

Awesome lights~

At 6pm sharp…
Queueing up in front of this Capitol Restaurant---
for "sate celup" =D

SO longgggg the queue is…

maiii family is queueing

farrrrrrrrr behind there actually @_@”

Take a chance to *smile*

Get in at 7.45pm @_@””
After queueing for almost 2 hours LOL

It's actually like steamboat LOLz...
Just that it is not soup inside the pot,
but is satay sauce =DD

Night scene of Malacca River =DD
*beautiful light rayssss___

*The busy Jonker Street =DD
Everyone is busy shopping here...

And I bought these =D
*Cute wooden padlocksss

Maii breakfast at The Cafe' of the hotel =.=

Queue-d up early for lunch =D
To have this famous chicken rice ball in Malacca

The *must-go historical place :)

Meriam ke?=Xx

*Hideous me~

Awesome trishaws =D
T_T but didn't getta ride,
coz' it is RM40 per hour...

Photographing with *snake
Costs you another RM10 =.="

I am wet actually,
standing there...
Sunday's usual talk @_@"
I tak pehem ape dia ckp sbnarnye LOL

*Bullock cart~

*Old trains I used to see in TVs =D

Keris Taming Sari ^^
And old Wright Brothers' aeroplanes...

Everyone knows this (:

Mango ice * Soursop ice
___From Dataran Pahlawan Square
Just like in KL, the weather in Malacca is super hot too

Ermmm istana something I think =Xx
*Bored of the historical places *LOL

^ Menara Taming Sari^
*Can see the whole Malacca from top =D
But RM20 per pax T_T

Cheng Hoon Teng Temple =D
*Built since 335 years ago

*Shopping time =D
(: Bought these My Art tee-s

Mine ; Sis' ; Aunt's
*Bought from some art gallery too LOL
__Night scene of the hotel I stayed
Evening scene of Malacca Eye
*Shifted from Titiwangsa to here xD

Night scene of Malacca Eye =D
Nice hor?? =Xx
But much smaller than Titiwangsa one..
And cheap enough!! xDD
RM5 per person onlyyyy
Pirate ship =DD

*Breakfast here...
_♥ It's the nicest McD I have ever been LOLx...
With b.e.s.t service too =DD

_Me Aunt_
Crocodile farm ♥♥♥
Extremely hot and sunny here actually @_@"
*could hardly open up my eyes...

♥♥♥ Ladies in glasses

Back to KL T_T
Went to this famous restaurant in Kuchai Lama
*Queued up AGAIN...
LOL perhaps used to queueing up after days? xDD
The hectic atmosphere___


Have great time in these 3 days =DD

*Forgotten all the stress in school xDD

And low marks in exams LOL


Malacca isn't the most boring place I visited ever =DD

Regrets: Couldn't visit the Recreational Forest T_T

_♥ Love greeennnsssssss =DD

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