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08 November, 2008

__BestieVivi has flew off to China
Super early in the morning today :)
And she will be back on my birthday :)
Anyway I don’t think I can see her on the 13rd

However I still receive a text message from her at 4.00am
Wishing me Happy Be-early Birthday
How sweet of her ♥♥♥

Let’s wish her to have a safe flight + fantastic trip =DD

:( So now our Genting trip is postponed.
Spell came up with an idea of protesting =.=
Which I don’t know if it really works =Xx

And regarding the offer that we can pay additional RM50 if we insist to go on the scheduled day ---due to the peak season,

Please note that 12 and 13 of November aren’t peak season yet !!

If you don’t believe,
~*^Click HERE^*~ for further information :)

{{{ Rain is like tears from heaven ;

when an angel cries ;

thats tears from heaven ;

thats how we know that he cares it better than you

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