10 December, 2008

12 09 '08, Tuesday. A date with Limei xD

Vivi's shortttt beautifully decorated Christmas tree xD

Bestie ♥♥♥

We have changed alot xD

Vivi's Mum ; Vivi's kid =X

Posing with the tree =/ I should have worn green in order to blend into it xD

They're cute

Her messy desk xD as usual =Xx
[P/S: Don't slap me =/]

He ate without waiting for us @_@"

:) Don't be shy please...

P/S: Stop drinking xD

Sunny is making a fish-iee face xD ;
Everyone else is peace-ing :D ;
It is the very first picture taking with him other than class photo each year :)

Our former, beloved school =DD
Chatting bout everything in the past is actually FUN xD

Note that Vivi has just gone for a hair cut xD
But...you don't see much different right? =Xx

*The atmosphere__while waiting for our food to arrive xD

We're so into it.
Choosing some stuff as remembrance for 3 of us :D

This is the one ; I would take good care of it

The Xmas gift + belated birthday prezzie from LiMei

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