15 December, 2008

Christmas is around the corner,
so I have changed this header to have a better feel of Xmas xD.
And regarding Xmas gift,
*The box
A Christmas gift from Genting Berhad

*The Gift
The Santa Claus looks like God of Wealth;
The God of Wealth looks like Santa Claus.

XD Which one do you think it is?
A Santa or a God?
See from a different angle, and you may as well obtain a different answer :D

By the way, I have received my TM Net bill of November ’08. Aww… Mine is supposed to be RM44, as it provides limited 60 hours only.

*The bill

But this time…the bill has exceeded the amount, which means I have used the Internet for more than 60 hours. And hence got scolded by Papa and Mama =X. So from today onwards, I couldn’t online so much to play Pet Society :( No more blogging everyday, *sigh*…

And hopefully under certain conditions, I might as well put this blog into a private one, and remove the chatbox too. I don’t want to keep feeling that there is only me visiting my own blog, without anyone else on Earth :)

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