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01 December, 2008

I don’t think I have got enough sleep last night =X
Everyone knows I sleep early everyday LOL, like around 11++ pm.
But yesterday I didn't have the mood to sleep xD,
worrying if I should really tell this friend about it LOL =Xx

Errmmm I remembered I reached home almost around 11pm,
from Soon's house =Xx.
For his birthday celebration of course :)

The plan didn't go really smoothly,
because he didn't work on Sundays =.="
because people invited disappointingly turned us down,
because we planned to go to 十里亭 for dinner but his family treated us KFC,
because we talked about going to mamak after that but the person who suggested it indeed went home earlier than all of us *no comment*,
and most importantly,
an VVIP ffk an hour before the celebration started =.=

*His cake :)
Everyone knows the price =.="including the birthday boii

OmG it's SooN looked at the cake and SMILEd

:) Although this surprise failed,
hopefully next year will be a better one :D

I have classes as usual.
I have people texting me during classes as usual.
I rush at almost 9.45am as usual =X.
I wasted money AGAIN,
Because that PTK fella forced me to put my passport photo on the card,
hence I have had to spend RM12 just for 4 pieces of photos =.=
Today is unusual somehow,
because he texted me.
For. nothing I guess =/
Forget it please.
Don't force me.

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