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30 November, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday to

Mr. Lim Fung Soon~ =DD

*The only and one picture me + you took before :(

By the way, sorry bout the surprise =Xx.
Do enjoy tonight :)

*I skipped tuition classes today xD
And left Mum in the mall =X
The reason is simple x)
I stayed up to 12 midnight last night,
and went welcoming Aunt back in KLIA from Beijing & Guangzhou, China at 4am =.="
now I am pretty exhausted...
Luckily, she bought me lots of souvenirs!! xD
From caps, to shoes...she used 3luggages to pack in everything back to Malaysia =DD
Alright, it is undeniable that things from China are unbelievably c-h-e-a-p.

*The necklace :) Only RM3 x)

*Mine!! But...the weather here is kinda odd for me to wear like this =/

*Aunt's oldies baggie :)

*Scarves :)

* For cousin niece :) kawaii~

11 月 29 日

I went to tuition classes as usual :(
Supposingly I can go for F.I.R's concert,
because Dad has got some tickets from his office.
[ Yea, he works at Genting (: ]
But... too bad, not many people love this artist,
and nobody is willing to go with me
WITHOUT worrying bout the hotel, transportation etc...
So obviously, Dad has had to give out the tickets to other colleagus :(

By the way,
Today's topic of Biology lesson: Living things' H-E-A-R-T

*The cutest FISH drawing I'd ever seen xD!

*Demo-ing on blood circulation =.= wait, you must be wondering who is he?

I know. I know. Everyone obviously couldn't see his face clearly =X. I promised, I'd take a better picture of his xD. Soon. Very soon, hopefully x)
And *yawn* I was not concentrating again when I started texting around bout next week's outing. I don't know if I shall really go for it =/

Okayy. The entire day seemed so so so wrong again.
Hope to have a bliss of laughter soon xD

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