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27 December, 2008

Yesterday was a real boring day, when I had been complaining to SooN for the whole day that I WAS BORED. I was so into the computer, from morning till noon. It's our daily routine T_T. No books, just computer---yes 无敌珊宝妹 marathon of course xD. Ah I have got enough of it when I received a text from him asking me for a drink. Oh God, it was only 4pm something, when the Sun was glaring sharply at me. Deciding to change the drink into a dinner, I called them out for night market too :) Alright, it was a kinda-late-minute-plan, hence it didn't really work out well =/

My plan:
Having dinner with him somewhere
Proceed to night market with besties :D

His plan:
Having dinner with me at night market,
Meet up my friends
Have a drink somewhere nearby late at night

But it turned up to be:
Having dinner with him,
LATE for night market,
Having him walking with us =.=

We thought of going to the new 2046, but...finally ended up here =.=

We do have Kopitiam in Seri Petaling, I just don't get a point why we had to be here =X

Starry cucumbers ; Mushr00ms :)

And this: Yes, ALSO starry cucumbers and mushr00ms.
But this is a fish fillet, which I refused to eat coz' it's my relatives xD [as SooN always mention]

Let's get a blurred look of it first [purposely edited xD],
I promise, I will post the exact picture here some day :)

LOL while eating, the messages and calls were coming in non-stop. Okayyy I knew I was late =X. From 7.54pm SooN had been rushing me till 8.45pm, and I finally reached :D Sorry larrr pals :) I thought of introducing him to Viv and SooN, but they were too smart to guess who was him by themselves =.=" And I think you both got along with him SO well right? =X. At that very moment, I didn't feel that I was needed there anymore...

P/S: Don't keep me in curiosity please :)

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