26 February, 2009

One day flew past so quickly. The unrevealed feelings were still there although you and I seemed to not show it out no matter how. I actually wanted to assure you that our friendship had not changed from the day we met till today =) Everything remained as happy as usual, I apologize if I have caused any misunderstanding and unhappiness in you. Sorry for once is enough, it shall not be repeated forever

原谅是一个微笑 (:

The school day seemed so different from usual, I don’t know why. I was not late for school today although I came out from home at 7.12am, LOL that’s a good thing I guessed xD. And I also didn’t get caught for having short skirt today, that’s another good thing LOL!!! The first thing I heard when I reached school was that some thieves broke into our school office last night, to steal disciplinary documents and computers. = =” I was wondering why people wanna break into our school office when there is not many valuable stuff in it LOL. I wanted to take a picture of the grills, but failed because there were too many teachers walking along that pathway =X

The classes of the day were boring that I skipped Addmaths today =X. However there was a teacher who approached me and said,

Teacher: Ah, awak sangat berminat ke dalam Addmaths ni? Sebab saye tengok kertas awak tu memang saye tak dapat cari kesalahannye.
FiSh: Errr tak de lar, cikgu.
Teacher: Ya ke? Tapi awak memang suka tengok nombor dan simbol dalam kertas Addmath tu ye? Sebab awak boleh buat.
FiSh: Har??? [Sejak bila saye suka tengok nombor dan simbol LOL]
Teacher: Maksudnye awak tak berapa suka subjek macam Bio lah kan?
FiSh: Bio??? Cikgu tahu markah saye?
Teacher: Errrr setahu saye, tak berape bagus lah kan. Maksudnye awak lebih cenderung kepada mengira, bukannye menghafal lah kan?

………… T_T!!! It seemed like every teacher also knew bout my POOR result in Biology. How miserable and embarrassing. The school ended, and the meeting started, and Biology PEKA was done too =) Believe it or not, Mr. A did not file in all of our PEKA last year and we might have to re-do it T_T hate ‘it.

After the duty in library, I went to the place I was once familiar with. It changed like I had never been there for ages ): It changed without me ever knowing bout it. I was wondering if the person in the place is still the same one, or has changed to somebody else. I couldn't afford to accept the truth that I was no long being needed there, or in the other cruel words, I am not welcomed to step into the place anymore. Not even a chance in future T_T

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