29 March, 2009

Vivian’s 17! ___*Celebrate it!

*My ordinary attire of the day___
Nobody shall notice it.

The party (:

6.30pm: Arrival
Vivian refused to wear the set of clothes we presented to her.
Well maybe next time :)
Mr. Turtle lied that he isn’t coming ==. But finally he was there.
:( Spellman seemed lonely.

7.30pm: Meal and chitchatting
I sticked with Limei for like..
Yea I heart her (:

8.30pm: Earth Hour!
Location: Playground [guess what we were doing xD]

Keiyan conducted the game

The great laughters enveloped the surrounding (:

Lose in the game?
Here's the punishment xD

Jinkuan, Junkang and Enoch seemed lonely :(
:D Luckily Vivian entertained them

:D The BESTest friend ever!

FiSh ; Wah Jie ; Fui Jinn


Son and Mama? xD

*We played flour xD
Fungsoon is the lucky one (:

Kesian bajunye yang cantik!
Chinthong became the next target =X

And me too =.=

Keiyan? The flour went into the eyes?

Can you recognise him?

"Present" for the birthday girl!

9.30pm: The time has come (:

Photographing session.
Vivi, I am glad that you use my suggestion of words (:

The *cheerful* her (:

The happy family :D

US! Way too many of us xD

Aunties + Uncles

Haha. Everyone was gathering outside the house---
in the middle of the road xD

Awww. The crowd was scattered around.
Left her Mum alone at the table?

With Limei againnnnnn xD

The YELLow gang xD

FiSh ; Fung Tat ; Nadrew

Kuan and her two sons xD
Without Papa. Awwww.

Ermmm we were sitting like...
taking class picture?
Looks so serious =X
*The church friends (:

The blurred Vivian and I !T_T

10.00pm: Mamak session

It was urmmmm...so-so...
Some went home.
Some headed to Yonghan's house.
Some were unhappy.
Some were desperate.
*Met people playing chess.

11.00pm: Home (:
Being one of the last one to left :(
Went home with Khengyang.
Reached home to bath.
The flour was disgusting. Terribly.
Went to bed at 12 something (:
I miss the bed after the whole day of FUN!

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