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21 April, 2009

Silly Tuesday I had.
Dead in History [as expected = =]

Went for tuition classes as usual.
Felt kinda uneasy during classes [IdunnoWHY]
Went home to change after class,
and then followed him for dinner some cafe.

I only have a drink there =X
The ambience was great, just that I was not in mood :(
I didn't know WHY did I still sit and eat with him LOL!
I wanted to ask him everything I wanted to know but...
During that meal, we didn't really talk.
Just concentrated on our own food.
The tasty fish&chips turned out tasteless.
I was trying to figure out what was he thinking.
Not in mood.
Exam is tomorrow.
Nilai-nilai moral yang belum sempat saya hafal.
Yet I am blogging at this late night.
*pray* Don't talk to me please.
No more dinner / lunch / anything with him please!

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