30 May, 2009

05 29 09
P/S: HappybirthdayLOUISTEY!

Teacher's Day celebration was held yesterday.
Less than 30% of students came to school.
So I decided to post something here updating bout it (:

*Ikrar Guru, led by Mr. Loke =D

Look! His ever-smiling face again xD

*The most popular teacher award falls to Mr. Loke!
Thanks everyone for voting!

*Kadazan dance.
It it something different from the usual performance (:

*And taekwondo performance!
I chose this picture simply because...
Sakai and WeyMing are both funny xD!

Outing with girlfriends after school (:
Movie watched: Angels and Demons!

*Oppss this is the book.
To me, this book was real hard to be understood
[maklumlah my English standard is low =X]

However, the movie is interesting!
Related to Christianity and involving part of the history.
If you understand both elements,
you would probably enjoy the show,
or else you would fall asleep! Haha.

Pictures are with Carolyn and May Yen.
Waiting for them to upload it!
Please be patient hehes ><

[P/S: 7 days left```]

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