10 July, 2009

10.00 a.m. :

Ms. Liew announced something in class today:
"We do not have to do any sales during the co curricular carnival for the Editorial Board anymore, due to some problems."

A blend of gratefulness and disappointment enveloped myself. I am unsure if I should feel relieved for the cancellation of the tasks or to feel upset for the waste of effort I had made.

When I look at the bright side, I can actually spare more time to play during the carnival and now I would promise kawans that I had all the time on earth to accompany them to the food stalls, game lots and haunted houses.

P/S: Jen Hoe, let’s have fun together! :D

But… looking at the other side of the coin, my hours spent on the design are completely wasted. Working wholeheartedly brings nothing but disappointment.

Sigh. Must everything have its pros and cons?


Continue doing so does not bring you anywhere better in life.
Shoulder your responsibility and apologize, is it so difficult?

Life is a lil' rocky nowadays. I haven't finish tons of homework because I have been keeping myself busy with the tuition replacements, dreams, and online-ing. Whenever I have free time, I would on the computer and stick my butt onto the chair for at least 3 hours. That's why I happen to have all time wasted and no time saved. For example, the essay question of Chemistry homework is still untouched. The worst is yet to come =/

History booklet!

I am one of the "lucky" four person in the whole Form5 chosen to do this.

In this 32-pages booklet,
the scariest part is
29 essay questions.

Due date: 14 July 2009 [Tuesday]
Can you imagine how LONG is each essay question?
-Still untouched and I have ONLY 4 days left!-

12.45 noon :

I was supposed to go for the Photography club meeting after school, but seems like Kit was running away from me, so sneaked out of the TKD court and visited the bookshop after school. Our bookshop is selling PMR and SPM revision books at super CHEAP prices! Any subject you name it, and it is available in the bookshop at only RM3. Thanks JoeyC for telling me the news of such great bargain. =P I will pay you back the RM3, don't worry!

I got one on Mathematics, since I have never had a Maths revision book before (:

1 p.m. :

Skipped lunch again today. Not on diet please =.=" But I am just not in mood, and now I feel like starving already LOL. Mayyen left for the PersatuanPersahabatanBuddha meeting, while I headed to the library to continue the masterpiece. I managed to get some help from Boon Pin, since he is "orang sastera" xD!

Oh. Don't look at what were we painting please x)

I guess it takes another few more days before presenting this to people.
Hope to get it done on time *pray*

=X Boon Pin is actually "kow-tow"-ing to *someone.

3.30 p.m. :

Reached home. Uploaded pictures from my camera and blogged, as usual. Thinking about everything happened today, whatever happened is unimportant. Kit made me feel better--- waiting is useless. Move on and get over it. Then... Turtle kinda scolded me for bothering what others say too much.

Anyway the day has not ended yet, hopefully something GOOD happens tonight (:

Every smile from you is a remedy to me

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