05 July, 2009

=D Yesterday went to B.M. and Mathematics seminar
at UCTI with people.

At the same time,
the singing competition was going on at the school hall,
which means I have had to miss this important event ):

Luckily Spellman managed to secure a place in the finals! Congrats!


I went to school, attired in full school uniform ):
Sigh. It was a Saturday yet we had to wear like that =/

I felt odd to reach kinda early and
everyone in school was wearing the Chinese Society Tee.

Lots of people from my class went for this seminar actually.
Kwanyew has Danish and Sanji as his companions.
Whereas the girls there are Xing, Kuan, Szuwah, KFC,
Mina, Joey, Sockkwan, Magie and Amanda.

BestieFarah promised to come and
bring me to the Butterfly Park after the seminar.
But she ffk last-minute ):

8.10a.m. :

Carolyn also brought along her camera to camwhore :D
I also thought of bringing along a jacket like JoeyC’s
But I don’t think it is suitable to wear it with my long-sleeved uniform.

Woah. Since when people from our school become so hardworking? =x
There were really a lot of people of our school [at 4th floor],
Compared to those of other schools [at 3rd floor].

8.20a.m. :
Reached UCTI.

Each and everyone of us was given a paper bag
Filled with all sorts of information regarding this college.
*yawn* I gave Mum all these high-quality papers to recycle = =

From left: Small, Medium, Large in descending order =P
Lipkin is in between YinYang xD

I know how much they love peace on Earth.

Camera is always the best companion of mine (:
And I managed to catch Kah Herng smiling
when he saw me shooting at him.

Perhaps he is just too shy guaaa =X

We started off with BM first, Anro is not the lecturer’s name,
His real name is Amirul.

But according to him,
He wanted a more glamorous name
That’s why he named himself Anro = =”

Knowing the name is just not enough.Let’s see his look :D

Okayy he is too far from where I sat,
So this picture is blur.

Anyway he is smart-looking, isn’t he?

He came forward to ask students some questions,
I am scared coz’ he would walk around, pointing at people = =

Basically he was teaching both Paper 1 and 2
I felt like Cikgu Hashim and Cikgu Rusli are
MUCH better than him!

The limit of the first karangan of Paper 1 is from 200 to 250 words right?

But this Mr. Anro told us to write more than 250 words @_@

Then I went to ask my tutor and he said there is NO SUCH THING.

OmG =X Students better stick to what we’ve learnt previously.

Seriously the more he talked, the more I felt like sleeping.
Eh no!
I had my camera :D

That’s why I could take so many pictures again xD

Haha. Babymina was sitting the other side with the babes,
And guessed she was bored too,
Hence managed to draw and camwhore with this.

I know she always love me LOL


P/S: I love you too.

Us :D
“I love you, you love me,
We are happy family,
With a big big hug and a kiss from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me too?”

Haha. This is one of my childhood song,
Heard it before eh? :)

© Copyright reserved by BabyMina ♥

Seriously from these you can tell that we didn’t enjoy the learning session =X
We preferred doing something else.

Trying to be creative,
JoeyC and Carolyn drew on my paper---
EVERY single page was full of their scribbling :D

-Saya suka ikan-

Don’t you think he is really handsome here? Haha.

I have been promoting him here for days =X

P/S: Still available.

Stupid faces I had = =LOL I love making blekkk when posing with Vivi.

Yay! Break-time!
Finally got rid of the lecturer a.k.a uncle =X

We had yummy food and comfy sofas to sit on during intervals.
The curry chicken rice is not that bad after all,
Hopefully meals at NS camp would be as great as this lunch set.

All science people were sitting at the same table xD
We only had 20 minutes to eat and chat = =”

YingLi is so lonely there ):

The college even has a pool at the canteen,
How nice it would be to play whenever you’d love to (:

Ah. :D My long-time good friend!
I remembered how we used to chat during Form3 year
And Pn. Aishah used to scold us for being “tidak senonoh”
because we were laughing too loud.

I missed the time before we got split into different classes :)

JoeyC was blur that time,
But Vivi saw my camera!!
And she was looking so furious at me =X

Vivian oh Vivian, jangan marah tau,
Nanti banyak kedut xD

I had nothing to do = =
Just shooting around.

Perhaps people in this room
were having some meetings or conferences?

I always hate rooms with transparent mirrors
Because people can always see what are you doing EASILY

Wi-Fi in the whole campus I bet.
=X We should go there to enjoy surfing the net than to attend stupid seminar

Enough of wandering around,
It was time to go back for the Mathematics seminar,
And this is the lecturer for this subject.

Oh people there call it “speaker” instead of “lecturer” @_@
This old man is fierce =X

We were sitting at the 9th row,
And he was writing in front of the whiteboard.
We seriously couldn’t see a single thing from here.
While we were starting to make noise, he gave us tongue-lashing.
It shocked the whole hall and everyone got quiet =x

In the end of the session,
The girls approach him to ask questions.
This time he was kind enough to teach well (:

And told us to use Sharp calculator instead of Casio.
He mentioned that Casio-350-MS is the suckest calculator ever on Earth.

Do get one, formatted with formulae in it,
Model: Sharp 509 WM.
Only RM20++

[I dunno if it is true, anyway do try finding out ^^]

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