31 July, 2009

Last day of English week. Well done, 5F!
The boring school week finally ends...

I proudly declare that,

I have successfully completed one whole week of school
without skipping any day! :D

* Please give me an applause so that I can keep it up =X *

Keith had been persuading me to skip school since last few days ago when I was sick. Plus, there are already 4 death cases of H1N1 in Malaysia. Even 11 National Service camps are closed down, and 4000++ people have to be quarantined.

:( The figures are terrifying!
That's why I must not fall sick anymore.

I saw turtle in the aquarium once reached Carol's house :X

Ms. Sim just taught us saponification in class today and wanted us to make soap by ourselves. I was sleeping until Keiiyan called me up at 2p.m. to go complete our mission of the day. That's why I went to Lynlyn's house today, for this Chemistry project.

I found my prince charming in her room!

I walked to her house and reached in a couple of minutes. Her room is like a princess' one :D how I'd wish to have one like hers. And onlined there. Waited for Keiiyan to reach. Waited for Carol to bathe. What was I doing when waiting for them? YES, camwhoring!

Found her bro's wife, Missy Micey. And took pictures :D

This is Fluffy, locked beyond the gate xD!

We started off with our project outside, at the garden. And this poor little doggie is left at home, alone. As Keiiyan is so attractive, it loves to climb onto her. And that's why it is called ham sap dog by Keiiyan :O! Hope Mina sees this and doesn't kill me =X

Step 1:
To produce lye (sodium hydroxide), burn woods!
Until white ash is formed :)

Step 2:

Burn the ash with oil until it boils. Then pour water into it.

Once we poured water, "effervescence" kinda occured, and the black crude spilled out and dirtied the whole kitchen OMG! Made us spent some time to clean everything up.

Ta-daaa! Our final product :D

Okayyy we all knew the experiment has failed = =" BUT. We enjoyed the process lar at least :) Should be glad that we have spent time together happily. And nice visit to her mansion.

♥ I know you're angry with me. Perhaps you would live better without me :(

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