23 July, 2009

Lovely Thursday:

Physics ; PJK ; Maths ; BM ; History

I love the new Thursday timetable more than the old Tuesday’s.
Now Thursdays make a perfect day for skipping school :D

I suddenly thought of him! That's why his picture appears here (:

I know KhooKwanYew would scold me,
Because.. According to him,
Whenever I ponteng, many people of 5G are also absent xDD

:O Ahh I think from now onwards
I would be absent for school once a week
[OR maybe MORE? =x]


Credits to ‘Mir for the IKAN punch

Fishes always look better in pair,
just like how Pisces is formed :)

Can you imagine the fishes of the ocean would feel lonely when it was isolated by the ocean dwellers? Yet it sometimes just needed to be at the very edge of the earth and sky and sea. To be alone. And this was all I wanted.

I realized I was a parasite living on you lately. It was the very stupid, oblivious me for doing so. I hate to shatter the dream world you had been living in for each and every second. Yet I didn’t want to make you feel obligated in any way. You could actually mesmerize someone else by the sheer force of your presence, but not on me.

I didn’t hope things to have gone the other way.

Anyway I still took comfort from that, for I was not alone. Thanks for listening me talking bout someone else ; you’re so selfless

For every mistake I had made,
Every bit of harm I had done,
Each pain I had caused in you,
And each wound I had given to you…

I should have realized that I’d been wrong all along,
And I never should have treated you so well…

Sorry that I mentioned your name real a lot here.

I still need this to cheer me up.

Yesterday miserable things just happened one-shot in the whole day:
  • The 告白. I didn’t expect things to change so swiftly.
  • The tiny Cik Syazana scolded me and Keith
  • Met Keith when they were going to Pizza Hut. Didn’t include me :(
  • Saw his car, but him driving. Who was that? T________T
  • Met his Mum; she smiled at me. But..did she really recognize me?
  • Told Keith everything and he scolded me .___.

And today… I am soon going to meet the same person again. Wish me luck :)

*Sorry for dumping you today, Keith. Hope the photography session goes well today.

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