31 August, 2009

Happy 52nd Birthday, Malaysia!

Things I love about Malaysia: The kawans I met here, and the FOOD! :D


My shopping day:

:D She drove me wherever I want. Hahas.

The busy road ; hard to find a parking space

I am here talking about my hobby again~ It was a few weeks ago when I last shopped and now I feel that I couldn’t resist spending money again. My usual shopping trip would be at Times Square, but this time Sis brought me to somewhere NEAR to Times Square. There are rows of shopping lots behind the Hang Tuah LRT station, if you notice :) And I found lots of my favourites there!

I found you, finally :D

Three ways of utilizing this --- as backpack, as sling bag and even as handbag. Its banana look caught my eyes actually. RM40 only for a multi-purpose leather-like bag; Do let me know where else on Earth could I get such a bargain.

Lots of choice available there ; how I’d wish to grab ALL!
Oh ya, and the more you buy, the cheaper rate you would get there.

This is for sales on Chics Garden

:) I saw the exact one at some shops there and the heart-shaped dice attracted me. It is expensive actually, so I only managed to keep an eye on it without making it my belonging :(

♥ Love is not a game. Never.

SPM is getting near!

for the SPM 2009 timetable!
[Best view in Adobe Reader]

:) Happy studying for the trial, starting from tomorrow.
I would have lesser updates in the upcoming weeks!
I must really keep my promise to my tutor

All the best in exam,
my loyal readers!

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