30 August, 2009

Keiyan's birthday celebration:

Okay. Sorry that I am slow )): I knew everyone has already updated bout this… Okayyy, this post today… I shall describe everything about happiness only and eliminate all the sadness, or else everyone would be scolding me because a birthday celebration is meant to be H-A-P-P-Y right? So why am I putting a bitter face right? :X Okayyy smile smile smile~

One of the presents ; I chose this :X But… Sis told me that I bought it at too high price and Chin Thong bought something just exactly the same as the idea of mine with the girls! )):

Hope Kei Yan doesn’t mind!

Hakka Mee at Kuchai Entrepreneur’s Park ; The breakfast with Keiyan, Shinmei, Spell, Fungsoon, Leon

After sleeping around 12 something the night before to wish her Happy Sweet 17, I woke up early in the morning at 7.30 a.m. I knew I was super late because we promised to meet at school at 8 a.m. sharp [or else Leon would kill me!]. Quickly dressed up, and luckily it was raining heavily so that I didn’t have to walk to school. And Leon came to fetch us door by door :D

Went home after lunch. Went shopping with Sis (: Gonna update about the outing with Sis next time! I promise.

5 p.m. : Kheng Yang came to my house to start his Ahmad job xD! Went to fetch Kin first because his house is the furthest one among us :X Then went to fetch Soon Yuen and we were the first car to reach Sri Petaling Community Hall. We gathered there, waiting for everyone to reach.

Last minute change in plan again:::

The original shop I wanted to go for the celebration was Wong Kok Char Chan Teng because I wanted to get Keiyan the famous GIGANTIC drinks. But finally changed our venue to Gaga Western Corner. Then changed to Capri Cuisine Café [I even called to book already!]. Finally :D We headed to OUG Star Village Café!

OMG now only I realize that I didn’t call to cancel the booking in Wong Kok Char Chan Teng!!! T__________T I called there to book and asked them to arrange seats for us. They gonna blacklist my number LOL!!!

The list of people who came ((: just add in Spell, Fungsoon and Leon. Then minus Carol, Joey, Socks, Kien Bing, Kuan Haur, Boon Pin, Wei Hsiang, Kwan Yew and Ying Xing from the large group that attended the party

My cheese baked fillet

SKY~~ :D Bestie forEVER

The picture above shows the evidence of
JM doing something inappropriate in the cafe :X

The people and I (:

)): Too bad Leon has had to leave earlier...

Blur BUT I caught Kei Yan's evil laugh xD!!

After cutting the cake, she forced everyone to eat a bite of the cake using the SAME spoon. OMG H1N1 lerh :XXX

Our free dessert :D Ice-cream!

I went to Justinnl and took picture with him..because he seemed bored over there )):
Hope he, too, enjoyed that night!

Us ; After eating, everyone was busy doing other stuff like--- Playing Rubic Cube [Note the left bottom corner xD] , Taking pictures , Speaking vulgars xD and so on...

:D And I too! My camwhoring time! Hehes.
That fella scolded Vivian and I for touching their CDs and mics T_______T

Let me end the post with this xD.
End the emo-ness and start all the happiness :D

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