24 August, 2009

Monday; Today is supposed to be considered as the very first day of holiday. No smsing in class, no camwhoring, no munching snacks with huns…and the list goes on…

Oh I am actually so desperate to school :0

Saucy Strawberry

7.40a.m. ; I woke up quite early today and reread a super LONG text message I received in the midnight yesterday. *yawn* I had nothing for breakfast in this morning and hence grabbed a strawberry drumstick from the fridge.

The collection ; Elianto

Elianto is one of the cheapest brands of cosmetics I have ever found. And today is my perfect day to try out with all sorts of colors! Oh yes. I am too bored and have nothing better to do.

My top 5 favourites!

But still I don’t dare to try out extreme, colours on my finger nails :(
Oh gross! Am afraid of my nails being the center of attention by everyone in tuition classes later.

My holiday timetable + Rules and regulations ; he created this.

Surprised? Shocked?
This is the very first time someone made me a study timetable and encouraged me to really
READ before exam (:
Stress is arising in me, I can feel that!
Having only 8 days from now to sit for the trial exam,
I am still in the midst of dream~
Doing nothing significant everyday,
Only smsing from day to night…
For example, yesterday =X
I sent 300+ sms in just one day!

Enough. How can I resist it?
T____________T The sky is falling.

Famine Hour with A-Mei at Bukit Jalil yesterday ; I missed it :((

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