25 August, 2009

__________{{{ Edited. }}}

Am having crazy look today xD! = =
Okayy I just woke up. OR I should say I look like ghost as usual?

Oh I start to blog about my everyday life again = =” that is a real bad thing to be said since these few days were filled with a blend of feelings--- more on misery than happiness.

I would have my day happier IF and only if I can persuade myself to really start STUDYing since exam is soooooooo near and he has really put in some effort in making the timetable for me.

Question: Why am I still sitting around doing nothing again?
Answer: I have questions in my mind too, just like how you do :)

It was not an ordinary morning when I needed to switch off my cell last night and woke up with so many new messages once I turned it on again. Except for my birthday, I don’t usually receive that number of text messages in just one night.

It is obvious that something unhappy had happened, or else you wouldn’t text someone continuously right? If you’ve read his blog, perhaps you would understand more (:

The answer for that particular question?
It is undeniable that I am actually having too much with this.
I might as well be insane for doing both things at the same time.
I know both of you [You wouldn’t want me to mention YOUR name right?] love me so much.

But all I could say is,
I can always afford to lose two persons who are head over heels in love with me,
BUT I can’t afford to lose two precious good friends like you!

The text messages I understand, you both do care.
Co-existence is never be allowed in this case, so please do think twice before you act (:

Friendship is precious ;

Try to think of how we’ve met and built this strong bond.
Just in the name of love and you wanted to destroy it? No. Please.

The breakfast ; For the first time I did this. Over-cooked sausage =X!

Whatever happened in the morning ; let’s forget bout it!
I still have the appetite to eat no matter what… Hahas.

Oh I start to love blogging about FOOD already xD!
Vivian made a great influence in me :)

The night: 11.03 p.m.

It is late to me. I am probably sleeping already at this hour, everyone knows this.
I don't care if Mum scolds me again, because I am now reading his blog.

_.^*{ The Wind, The Leaf and The Tree }*^._

I thought of something--- a story I heard more than 2 years ago from Ah Bian, and it suddenly comes across my mind now. Perhaps I should share the story with everyone here someday (:

Finally... the three of us are unhappy...

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