16 August, 2009

Saturday: The school day.

Finally I have the mood to update about yesterday’s school. Sorry bout that emo post yesterday =Xxxxx! Ignore the bottom one. I don’t need any question from any of you like--- “who are you mentioning there?”.

Yay! Congratulate me for going to school replacement on a Saturday!

There were only 9 people from 5G came. I got sort of envied of 5H and 5F; they have all the good qualities that we don’t. Almost full attendance of theirs; what a shame on us T_________T

The PLKN forms have arrived school ): This means that by now I must really accept the fact that I am selected for this activity. 4 more months and I would have to go ):

Yesterday I attended Mr. Hashim’s BM class, and he was talking bout foster family for PLKN students. Oh how great, I mean he mentioned that we can be a volunteer for the final 3 weeks of PLKN in welfare homes, charity houses, and lots more.

I’d love it so much; if it really happens like what he was telling.

The carpet is rough actually; but they enjoyed lying there xD.

We had our only lesson in class that is Chemistry. I should not have come = = because the key I was holding was UNimportant since we stayed at the library most of the time.

Observe the picture above, and you would understand that we practically did nothing important during the whole school day. Kita main baring-baring kat library sajeee xD!

And… doing naughty things too!

Kaisheng is trying to _____________ Sanjivan.
[Fill in the blanks with a word that you like is suitable]

Oh Amanda came too!

I had Joey, whereas Szuwah, Sookkuan and Yeewen were together. Even Sanjivan, Kaisheng and Faiz were in a bunch. So…Sort of left Amanda alone ): But nevermindddd, sayangs! We accompanied her, at least (:

Wah Jie (:

Playing phone in the library haha! We were rotting in the library for the whole day, teachers didn’t enter the classes, and Pn. Assemah forced us to look after the library for her while she went loitering around the school for the feast in the Arts Room.
I just passed my whole morning there like that ): sadsadsad! What a waste of time, isn't it?
And me… Looking sad ? =X [Ignore the messy hair!]

Thanks 5Fs who brighten my day a lil’ during the last periods.
Spellman said you waved bye to me, did you? ):

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