17 August, 2009


Happy Sweet 17 to
Sock Kwan, a.k.a Socks xD!

The big day is right ahead, 5 more hours to go :)

May you be blessed by the l♥ve from FISH always.


Sorry mine is not as beautiful as this ):

I believe eating sweet things can make people feel happier, and thus I brought home-made raisin cake for babes to try. By my lovely aunty (: Thanks for putting a smile on your face.

Next issue. The crying baby thing.

If you’ve viewed Keiyan’s blog, I didn’t have a great day today. Why is it so? No answer provided for such question.

“Hey it is just a small matter, so why making a big fuss over it?”
You can always say this. Sue me if that bothers you bout my crying hobby!

Thank you for allowing me to know I am nobody in your heart.

Happy Birthday to DaddyLoke!

Tips of the day:

Health is everyone’s major concern lately. So get more of my relatives (:

As we are all informed, the influenza is getting more and more common in Malaysia when the death toll shows a rapid increase day by day uncontrollably. With this excuse, Mum has refrained me from going to Times Square with Lynlyn and Berber yesterday ):

She made me miss all the fun. I don’t think this is a good excuse from her, but I do understand that she disallows me to hang out with friends during the weekend indirectly.

But luckily Sis was at home, getting bored of browsing through the web for the whole day. Shopping after my tuition class was her brilliant idea :D I love it! [Sorry people for failing to fetch you both home after classes T_T]

And.. we headed to Jusco to satisfy our apparel desire, then to Carrefour for grocery [I didn’t understand why didn’t we do both in Jusco instead]

RM 20 ONLY! ; P & Co. ; M size

Finally owns one! I always love tops with this style of I-don’t-know-what-is-it-called neck. Oh did I mention that I have gained weight by 3 kg? Okayyy that’s a really HUGE figure to me…

“Don’t get too obsessed with your weight!”, Miss Liew said this when I shouted for the increase of 3kg. T___________T I am really pretty anxious that if this continues, I will get fatter and fatter very soon.

Please tell me that you don’t hope to see a FAT fish :(

The bunny addiction ; Bitbit’s family (:

Sis is being addicted with my obsession over bunnies! She bought a small one as a decorative item for her car. And.. I must really thank Spell, Fungsoon, Vivian and Keiyan for the cutie pressie that has been accompanying my for the past 9 months …

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