15 August, 2009

Too many things have happened lately.

The class scandal.
The fake boyfriend.
The great stalker.
The tuition teacher who ignores me.
The misunderstandings.

More, more and more ):

Hereby I would like to speak something for my heart.

This post is dedicated to two persons:


Even the chocolate has a smile :) on it. Haha!

Thanks for your footprints in my life.
The smiling tissue papers are meant to wipe the tears of joy perhaps (:


You have two choices here (:

If you’re unhappy with the way I treat him,
You can just let me know that you’re upset with ME.
The weakness in our bonds of friendship ; I could see.

You have lots of people supporting you,
While I have none

But still I love you from my heart, my dear friend.

♥ 我想对你说却害怕都说错; 好喜欢你知不知道?

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