14 August, 2009

_____♥ Father

DaddyLoke VS Papa

It was a cool, breezy morning and I felt really drowsy after the late night. Forcing my eyes to open after several watery blinks, I start to laze around before going to school.

I know Keith sent me few messages in the morning, waiting impatiently for me to reach school. I thought it would be a terrible day after being late for school [again?!]

But luckily the first person I met once I stepped into the gate was DaddyLoke :D He was the one telling Mr. Bahauddin,

“Neh… ini anak saya, dia selalu datang lewat ke sekolah!”

What a “good” impression I have in his heart = =

Seeing this chubby-faced, jovial man always make me feel better. I don’t know how does it happen, perhaps that’s where the specialty between our bonds lies on :) [ Jangan jealous banyakkk ye :P ]

Today is neither Father’s Day nor his birthday. But being one of the kindest person I encounter in my journey of adolescence, he has left his indelible marks on my life.

He brings a smile to my face
And make me realize that
I, who have this God-sent Daddy,
Am indeed blessed.

You may not have two loving daddy like I do. Or God may have brought you to this world without any family member. The worst thing is yet to happen --- you may irritate all your friends away, but… :D don’t worry,

love is always in the air.

If you’re lacking of friends’ and family’s love, you can always adopt a pet; as cute as Joey’s one I mean! A pet is always the best companion for you to express your feelings, better than the inappropriate way you do to others.

And… fyi, experts have found out that all the actions of hallucinating, backstabbing, cursing, jeopardizing and discriminating can be due to emotional ailments. Don’t believe me? You can always google it!

This type of mentality imbalance leads to prejudice or hatred. Oh I hope if you’re my friend, I'd pray hard that you don’t get such troublesome disease.

My best advice to you is --- do consult a doctor before your ailment gets worse :)

Honesty Unity is the best remedy. We love you.

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