30 September, 2009

Back to school.

The 400th post.

Finally I am back to the third home of mine, (The first one is HOME, second is PTK :D) after one whole week of wandering along the streets everyday, although my palm has not fully recovered yet.

Stepping into the school as if it is my first day in this institution, I am proud that I am not late for school anymore although I start waking up a little late in the morning.

The reopening of school indicates that we have not much time left to actually study for SPM. And now I see people around me are working really hard by completing all sorts of exam-based questions. Yea, that’s really diligent of them, as practice makes perfect.

The aftermath of trial =)

Teachers have been busy giving out the exam papers to us, telling us how “well” we did for the past 3 weeks. And Pn. Siti Zakiah even filled up out class bulletin board with Biology marking schemes. I think that’s the most efficient way of hers to allow us pinpointing out own mistakes.

Photo taken by Sanjivan. “The dreamers continue to dream” :D

I envy him for having to be so relaxed although the important days are getting nearer. He told me he would only be present to school on this coming Friday. Honestly I am still dreaming too, unsure with which subject should I start with. There’s way too many subjects to be coped with. Luckily I only took up 11 subjects for SPM, or else I would really be dead.

People have been asking me for my future plan for a hundred thousand times = =
Yet I am not taking it seriously.
Anyway, let me tell you everything now =)

IMU brochure ; Thanks Yee Wen for sharing this.

I thought of the doctor to-be whenever I come across this name of IMU. Perhaps he is my only friend who is going to be a doctor soon. And this college offers many types of courses relating to medicine such as pharmacy, biomedical science and lots more. In short, they are all closely linked to BIOLOGY :D [my favourite subject nowadays, thanks to him!]

Nutritionist or dietitian ; This career is not bad too =)

I understand that I need not necessarily invent a slimming liquid for Spellman when I have better options out there xD. consulting you on a well-balanced with slimming features diet would be good enough right? X) Best friend, don’t place too high expectation on me please.

As for Form 6, everyone knows that I am into this option lately. MBS. MBS. MBS. That’s one of my choices actually =X [P/S: Not influenced by the factor you’re thinking now, Joey and Carol]. However, the school counselor told me that starting from year 2010, Form 6 scholars need to attend school from 7.30am till 4.30pm. This makes me kind of reluctant to opt for Form 6 already = = 9 hours of school each day scares me to death!

In conclusion,
I am still choosing Science as my path in future =)
But still indecisive with which type and what career yet.

I frankly hope that you people stop bugging me with this question,
“What do you plan to do next time?”

:D Thanks

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