06 May, 2010

Let's go Shisha ;D

No.23D, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.

It was my first visit there during my first week of working at the hub of the city.
Papa brought me along the Bukit Bintang street in search of nice, posh restaurants.

And this Estana Curryhouse is right next to Limkokwing's WINGSCafé,
Easily noticeable with the huge LimKokWing’s billboard.

It is a place of tourists to relax, smoke and drink ;D

The foreigner’s favourite Shisha ;D
Or known as hookah in Middle East; a fruit-flavoured tobacco.

The uniqueness of the dish here is:
They don’t use plates!

Banana leaf rice @ RM 6.90 each.

They provide refillable drinks, rice and side dishes.
For the first time, I thought these are like free kimchis in Korean restaurants.

This is mine ;D
My main dishes is the drumstick ♥♥♥
By the way, everything looks so chilly red, but they aren’t spicy ;D

(; Very suitable for me, people with low spiciness tolerance.

Besides that, they have a wide variety of dishes from a plain roti canai to western food. Catering service is available too, order now! (;

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