02 May, 2010

My New Haircut!

Yay! I now have purple-coloured hair ;D

Okay. Time to accept the reality.
I wanted to dye my hair purple,
But my hair now doesn’t have a single tinge of purple at all.

Well, it’s just sort of new haircut…

I think I’ve had it cut over a week, with it straightened and highlighted.
You may see nothing special in this, just shorter and less messy looking.
Gah, my life was getting lifeless and too long.

I had all the split ends cut, and now having healthy hair again ;D [P/S: I hope it is].

What disappoints me the most is the colour.

Top side view.

I only get some highlight at a real cheap bargain. Only RM35 for highlighting such a long hair!
The colour I chose is golden brown. And it turns out really gold which makes me so happy ;X
But too bad, the highlighted part concentrates mostly at the top left side.

The hair at the bottom is almost black again );
Sigh, I just wanted something more obvious, not like this.

Perhaps I would get new colour next few weeks,
if I'm not going into Form 6 ;X

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  1. Wow Fish changed hairstyle! Purple colour yeng! Looks like more leng lui ady... LOL


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