05 July, 2010

The Old Memories

It had been weeks since I last had fun with my darling old friends. My loyal readers would be complaining why this ohteeheeFISHiee (my long new nickname, credit to Vince) is so lazy. I’m sorry, this is not a random post, it’s just a delayed event update.

P/S: I’m in the middle. Spot me. It’s easy pessy right? X)

Photoshoot time! ;D

Faces do change. I miss high schoolmates!

Nice meeting them again ;D After months in National Service, months of being away from home, and months of separating us in different universities now. I wondered when would we meet again?

My besties always ;D It seems like the 3 of us hadn’t hang out before together LOLL. But when we met, it seems like we had a million topics to chat about, and the conversations were just never ending! These are called old friends

OK-lah. I didn’t get 13A of course. It belongs to my best friend, Mr. J

My darling Vivian Ng ;D ;D

The sweetie in yellow and black was my tuition mate last year. She used to teach me essay writing in Moral Studies. If wasn’t because of her, I wouldn’t have gotten A+ for the subject. And now she is in a polytechnic school in Singapore, meaning chances to meet her are getting lesser and lesser.

Some foodstuff for us after the prizing ceremony.

Things change a lot there. People whom I met every week in classes are now having blonde hair, mature make-ups, and dressed like professional. While me… I feel like I’m still a kid =.=”

I miss the old memories we have all had. Old times are precious

Nang if you love this.
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