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30 June, 2010

Of the next syllable

"It's time to grow up", said my best friend.

I think he told me this few days ago. Yet this phrase was still playing in my mind. I wondered and pondered, if only I can grow up... *deep thoughts* I bet leading a new life in MMU would certainly bring myself to the next stage of life, being more mature and strong.

BabyTigger, my best companion (;

I brought my darling plushtoy along to my hostel. Wtf Winnie The Pooh and Friends are my favourite cartoon characters since I was a kid. Or I should say I'm still a kid now. Was it a little too much? Coz' I didn't see anyone bring any toys along here =.="

Please give me the strength to survive well here.
(; ily


  1. uni is a good place to grow up! (=

  2. wow your baby tiger very cute lea~
    but my teddy more cute xD

  3. tigger! my favorie... last nite i went to watch toy story 3 and now i miss my woody back at my hometown! T.T

    childhood is everything... growing up is another thing, but being one is a different thing! :D Enjoy ur days in MMU!

  4. a lot of girls from my college brought their soft toys to india... and they are like 20+ med school students!

  5. growing up doesn't mean acting all cool and leaving ur soft toys behind! stay strong!

    Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

  6. Very cute tigerr. =).. Smiles

  7. cute lil tigger!!!! well..i still have my mickey with me in my tiny room^^ no worry, sometimes we just such plushtoy to get into bet and sleep well^^

  8. tigger so cute.. I also wan...

  9. not clidish at all..Is gal's favourite ma :P I also got bring my lovely puppy along to hostel de o =) hehehe~

  10. well all you need to do is, wise decision / clear thinking / think then speak.

    try to make 0 mistake =)


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