23 August, 2010

Malaysia Short Term Rentals Website

Looking for rooms when you're away from home?
Wanted to move out from home for a more comfy, convenient environment?

I think many people need short rentals badly nowadays, as you travel somewhere far to study, work, or maybe you are waiting for your new house to be fully furnished and renovated.

Here is the perfect place for you to look for short rentals!

Rooms, apartments, terraces, double-storeys;
Any type of houses you look for in the whole Malaysia are all available here.

Staying in hostels, like me would sometimes be inconvenient when you meet fussy, impolite and rude roommates. My friend met a roommate who turned on the music loudly at 3am, when she was sleeping soundly. How annoying, isn't it?

When you rent somewhere near to your campus or workplace, you have the freedom to choose who to stay with. Sharing a room with an up kept person would be credits to you.

Even HOMESTAY is available! ;D

Yes it is all about freedom when living outside!
Life would be easier then, isn't it?

No worries, short rentals would help you here.
I'm not sure about the rents charged, as it varies.
Hope you can browse through this website and
of course find your dreamhouse =P

Do click on it now ;D

This post is based on my own point of view and no plagiarism here.


  1. cool~ at least got another website to look for other than mudah.com.my.
    but it looks like it's still new. anyway thanks for sharing. ;)

  2. erk, homestay at taman kinrara, puchong?

  3. Awesome! Can recommend to my friend, thanks a bunch ;)

  4. It will be a very useful choice other than staying in hotel,hostel or friend place.

  5. LOL! Totally agree!
    My roommate woke up 4am in the morning, on the light while I'm sleeping soundly, just to curl her hair... ><

  6. i miss you sze hui..juz dat life as a u student is far way diff from a school kid..howyeah~!finally made it to read ur updates again~!

  7. trlupa plak mau tulis.i luv d pool.heee...


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