27 August, 2010

Silence from the fish

Hello readers,

Did you notice my disappearance for four days? Half a week of not blogwalking and replying tags made my blog's daily traffic drops drastically and the chatbox is now flooded .___.

My sole entertainment at the hostel is the laptop --- the internet! ;D
But everything vanished when it was spoilt on Tuesday );

Indeed, life without a computer is definitely not a life!
I bet you bloggers agree with this. I hardly survive last few days without it!

It shows
“Internal HDD HARD error!”
when I tried to turn it on.

Any idea on what’s that?
Dad said he would send it for repair,
Or the last alternative is: To buy a new one.

Now I can only online at home using my desktop,
And byebye to the blogwalking days in the hostel! ;O

Oh it is made in Malaysia by the way. No wonder!
Aww, I regretted for opening five windows with three tabs each everytime I go online =/

Please send me a laptop to my doorstep soon );
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