22 October, 2010


Life recently isn't that good if you've come across my Facebook status each day. I tend to update emo status on Facebook, but didn't try it even once on Twitter.

But one thing that makes me get eventually happier, more excited and drooling over,
is a typical lomo camera.

What is lomo?

I didn't know much too, but it is just awesome, I didn't want any Holga which costs at least RM500.
Just a decent, affordable one will do.
Mama, can I get one? :)

So many cute jelly lens for sale, and it is much cheaper than a DSLR's lens =P
Woah, you see, can also be used on phone! ♥♥♥

How'd I wish to get a whole set of jelly lens home, I bet it is only RM15 each!!
CLICK to know more.
Hearty lomo film, so kawaii right? ONLY RM18 T________T

Out of so many types of lomo camera,
I personally love the wide-angle lomo ;D
This angelic thing costs only RM219, but already kinda costly to me =/

Look at the picture produced by wide angle lens? Awesome right? ;D

This isn't bad too, only RM89 and it can dive into deep sea xD!
Yeah waterproof, the very same one which JiaYeen owns.

Picture source from: Kawaii Store

And this fisheye ;D K200NM FISHEYE @ RM250
The effect is much more different from ordinary camera, even DSLR can't do this without accessories!

Golden Half Chelsea Maika at only RM200, special edition somemore

Best combination: Angel slim wide-angled lomo + Jelly set
It is currently added to my wishlist, so now it is time to save money
*Reduce meal $, reduce movies, reduce everything*

;D One dae I shall own you, darling lomo
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