22 October, 2010


Life recently isn't that good if you've come across my Facebook status each day. I tend to update emo status on Facebook, but didn't try it even once on Twitter.

But one thing that makes me get eventually happier, more excited and drooling over,
is a typical lomo camera.

What is lomo?

I didn't know much too, but it is just awesome, I didn't want any Holga which costs at least RM500.
Just a decent, affordable one will do.
Mama, can I get one? :)

So many cute jelly lens for sale, and it is much cheaper than a DSLR's lens =P
Woah, you see, can also be used on phone! ♥♥♥

How'd I wish to get a whole set of jelly lens home, I bet it is only RM15 each!!
CLICK to know more.
Hearty lomo film, so kawaii right? ONLY RM18 T________T

Out of so many types of lomo camera,
I personally love the wide-angle lomo ;D
This angelic thing costs only RM219, but already kinda costly to me =/

Look at the picture produced by wide angle lens? Awesome right? ;D

This isn't bad too, only RM89 and it can dive into deep sea xD!
Yeah waterproof, the very same one which JiaYeen owns.

Picture source from: Kawaii Store

And this fisheye ;D K200NM FISHEYE @ RM250
The effect is much more different from ordinary camera, even DSLR can't do this without accessories!

Golden Half Chelsea Maika at only RM200, special edition somemore

Best combination: Angel slim wide-angled lomo + Jelly set
It is currently added to my wishlist, so now it is time to save money
*Reduce meal $, reduce movies, reduce everything*

;D One dae I shall own you, darling lomo


  1. hey there...
    i am also interested in lomography u see...
    only that i don't get the chance to own one...
    i always searched for diana lomo camera..
    but the one u published above is so kawaii...
    wish i could get my hands on them..

  2. macam berminat plak aku nak dapatkan lomo nie..murah plak tue.tapi jauh sangat nak dapatkan.

  3. i like loma cameras. they look cute and they're much more lighter than DSLR!! but need to put flims one. a bit ma fan lo.

  4. waa..nice...very cute..no need to edit the picture any more...

  5. wow..impressive! 0___0 no wonder the camera is a bit costly.

  6. Lomography something out of the ordinary,interesting.

  7. OMG I WANT~~!!! it's so cute ;)

  8. wow, better not let my kids see, they will think this "lomo" is toy.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. so inspirational and so cute...

    check my new post and leave some comments..thx

  11. well i dont really know much about camera as im noob in photography but still i drop by here to say: hey that Lomo thing is so cute!! xD

  12. @kamaryeah: yah i think we need more researches before gettin one thou (:

    @si biskut: knp jauh sgt pulak? kan ade online ordering skrang?

    @Katak: yalor those films arent cheap too =/

    @Shino: can throw away photoscape, or whatsoever xD

    @Danial: yes but not as costly as a DSLR =/

    @JLean: aloha (:

    @thomas: something which attracts ppl more nowadays

    @rachel: let's get one ;D

    @Jiayeen: can see so, but shouldnt be a big problem rite?

    @andy: hahas! it is indeed a toy in Japan ;X

    @hilda: diana is expensive T_____T

    @dorothy: thanks (; will do.

    @EeSoon: teehee ;D

    @Mag: i dont really know much bout lomo too, but the kawaiiness is indeed undeniable!

  13. i think some of the cams are cheaper in SG. all of them are so cute!!! happy weekend :) www.iphonebackupbattery.blogspot.com


  15. lomography is interesting! I plan to build my one lomograph! Once I find the time. D:

  16. if u r lucky enough, i tell u, u might get it 3 months later.

  17. fish, i have 2 jelly lens. :D VERY NICE ONE I TELL U. hahahaahaha

  18. @Xiaoxin: cheaper in sg? as in how much? ;D ;D

    @Shuwen: yaya that one is most suitable for gift de (:

    @Jan: wow nice idea! looking forward to it!

    @Philip: thanks (:

    @John, why 3 months later?? @_@

    @peacemusicbabe: omg how the jelly lens function? tell me moreeeee ;D

  19. yeah i guess you are right~
    well search search search~

  20. cute n nice cameras ;)

    muchas luvas, wawa~* secretwhisper.net

  21. i was wondering what was LOMO.
    now i know . lol
    im so outdated. :)

    now that i know. i want one toooo :)

  22. hmmm... im waiting to see my boss's Diana lens mounted on his DSLR :)

  23. kyaa~! kawaii, ne!!
    do you already have a lomo?

  24. this is so cute! & it's very cheap!! arghhh if only I've known about this camera, wouldn't have spent rm1000 on canon camera, this lomo is wayyy too pretty!!!


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