23 April, 2011

MED Restaurant @ SS15

Hello, my darling readers!

Sorry for the short hiatus.
It had been a week since my previous post!
I promise I won't be lazy to update
despite of the heavy stacks of assignments and upcoming final exam =)

Ready for tempting food, again?

Location of the night:
Mediterranean & English Delicante Restaurant
@ SS15 (Opposite Taylor's Subang campus)

It's located upstairs along the row of shop lots.
This restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisines + Western and some local dishes.

Here's the menu =)

MED Fish & Chips @ RM 19.50

British Fish & Chips in Fresh Btter Icelantic White Cod Fish Fillet
served with chips, potato with MED salad and tartar sauce

Quarter Pound Chicken Burger @ RM 8.50
(Half Pound @ RM 10.50)

The purpose of our gathering of the night was to celebrate his birthdae =)
With a huge round cake from Secret Recipe!
Guess what's the flavour of it?

The birthdae boy with his jacket--- birthdae present from us!

Privilege of celebrating in this restaurant:
  • FREE one whole jug of drinks for everyone present
  • FREE meal for the birthdae boy / girl
  • FREE member cards for ALL of us!
  • Discount 10% if you're a member there =)
Smile while eating this slice of cake =)

Only RM 231.12 for 16 persons! :D
Averagely, it's RM 14.50 each.
  • Discount 10% for members
  • NO government tax!
And here's our group picture =)
The ambience there is quite good too.

Once again, Happy 19th Birthdae to my best friend, Yang :D


  1. Fish you ngaum the burger? XD

    Happy Birthday to your friend :)

  2. lucky him to have those friends of yours.. happy birthday yang! =)

  3. lucky him to have those friends of yours.. happy birthday yang! =)

  4. wahh total only 231.12, i tot it will be more expensive since the food look really good

  5. Wow the Birthday Boy looks so handsome! hahaa. Happy Birthday to him. Living in Penang really admired at KL having so much of entertainments! hahaa

  6. Chocolate Indulgences :D Waa really a lot of privileges dining at the restaurant!

  7. wow, the food looked really nice ;)

  8. very nice and cheap le... will go when i go KL next time.

  9. im starved....=A=
    nice picture you have!^^

  10. Lols why is the specs-guy sitting instead of the birthday boy? :D RM19.50 for fish&chips quite expensive thou :)


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