27 June, 2011

The Little Prayer

Here I am today, at the famous Kek Lok Si temple @ Penang! :D
The structure of the building is soooo beautiful, like those of the olden days in China.

Here comes the time for prayer!

The largest Guan Yin I've ever seen!
If the door is the height of one floor, can you imagine how TALL is the Guan Yin statue?

A closer view from the side, of course.

Look at the images carved on the poles; These are impressive! :D

Meet these cute cartoon statues at the temple :D!

Pieces of woods with words of blessings :)

Printed wishing ribbons for sale! :D

I bought a few of them; With blessings that I wish to obtain.

And then hang them onto the 'tree'
May my dreams come true!


  1. wow~ cool and beautiful! and very big right?

  2. the Kuan Yin statue is huge and beautiful.

  3. nice shots,it's best to take photos here in the morning.

  4. Nice pics ! Hope your dreams come true ! :)

  5. may ur wish n my wishes come true...lol...

  6. oh cool! the temple looks impressive! :D

  7. No, I've never been here..Look enormous to me...Like it very much.

  8. very nice pictures taken, now i wanna visit the temple ;D

  9. I never go to this temple before but , the statues and everything is really impressive & interesting :D

  10. one day, i want go to there, really amazing

  11. i live in Penang, but i haven't been to kek lok si more than 1 year :P


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