Thursday, August 4, 2011

Harbour Steamboat

Harbour Steamboat Restaurant (海港火锅)
19, Ground Floor, Jalan 13/149L, Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Sorry that this restaurant is serving non-Halal food as well.
But it's my favourite steamboat restaurant around my housing area.

The atmosphere of the restaurant :)
All the hand-written messages fill the entire wall there!

Left: Herbal pork leg soup ; Right: Tom yam soup

Sliced pork;
It tasted like heaven when you cook it 30% raw! :D

Raw wan-tans

Bits and chunks of yam

And my favouriteeee Button Mushroom! :D

Intestine of pig :X

Lil' dumplings :D with prawns inside!

Does this look like Carlsberg??
=P It's Chinese tea, by the way.

And the spicy, tasty chilli paste :D
Recommended for those who enjoy spiciness!

RM 170.72 for 7 persons.

Overall, rated 8/10.
Highly recommended to you guys! :D

The only setback of this restaurant is their price =/
A lil' expensive though.


  1. hmmm similar concept with 100 celcius steambot? hehe

    anyways saw alot of charges at above of the bill, not so fancy with this kind of thing especially when I saw tax . . . hahaha . . .

    wish to have more dumplings :P

  2. My family used to visit this shop very often too!

  3. I'm actually planning a steamboat gathering with my friends. Your post comes right on time! =D

  4. Woww, I miss steamboat especially during this rainy night time..


  5. My eyes are fixed on those sliced pork YUMS!

  6. foof? yes..i am a slave of them, ahahaha...i like your blog, keep going ^.^

  7. The price consider OKOK.. but must try it before comment it.. keke

  8. Wow..A lot of good food here.. Link to a wonderful steamboat in Norway:

  9. Oh hello HAHHAA. nice blog post ^^

  10. wanna say steamboat at Johny's Restaurant is the best. how about u?

  11. U look me good, i look u good onlt.. hehe

  12. your blog never fails to make me hungry T___T

  13. wah~ looks so yummy... i'm reading your blog at the wrong time.. =.=lll *gru gru*

  14. Wow ! Seriously , you're tempting me ! :X

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