30 October, 2011

Boo! What's Inside Concordia Treat Bags?


P/S: Date may extend due to its popularity. Grab 'em now!
Hey lovelies! It's Halloween; Apparently I'm a typical Chinese and do not celebrate Halloween Day. I remembered vividly when I was younger, I used to read Sweet Valley novels (Any Sweet Valley fans here? I know Xiaxue is one of them!). In the novels, Elizabeth and Jessica always had parties and fun along with spooky experiences during Halloween! But in my life, I've never experienced any before. That was so uncool, right?

This year may be a good start for me to celebrate Halloween; 
I don't fancy spooky parties but I'd love to get myself
one "Halloween Treat Bag" from Concordia Art!   
*excited* when unwrapping the treat bag because you wouldn't be able to know what's inside!
All I can be sure of is that the products is worth more than the price you pay!

 6 items in a bag, let's see what are they! :D

What is Concordia Art?
It is an online blogshop, specially selling handcrafted designed accessories and clothings.
Concordia is about being happy sharing art, wearing art, feel art to LOVE ART .

#1 Candy Body Parts- I got an EAR! It's a sweet, yummy ear-shaped gummies. 

#2 Lollipop in Feet! Notice the skeleton leg there. 
As disgusting as you may feel, surprisingly the lollipop tastes good.

#3 Flower Keeper: Nude (Original Price: RM 28)
A bouquet of flower is picked and arranged in a vase to keep them alive.
Every flower has a key, and therefore it's named a flower keeper.

The flora key necklace looks gorgeous right? And nude is always my favourite color when it comes to choosing accessories. Best matched with plain or floral dresses of soft colors! 

#5 Vintage Art Pendant with Dahlia Spirit (Original Price: RM 26) 
It is hand drawn and painted with watercolor,
then casted in a vintage pendant frame and finally sealed with waterproof Resin. 

Vintage feel has been a hit in the trend nowadays. From the description in the blogshop, the Dahlia Spirit is a spirit of power. Why did I choose power instead of love and purity? Well, my choice of Dahlia has nothing to do with the meaning behind it. I just fancy the design more than any others :P 

Oh did I mention there are 6 items in the Treat Bag?
The item #6 is the name card from Concordia Art! LOL.
It can easily match with ANY tops! LOVE IT!

If I were to choose the better one between these two necklaces, then I definitely love the Floral Key Necklace more than the pendant. I love vintage but I find this floral necklace more suitable for me.

And I love the details in it; The handcraft by the owner of the blogshop is simply awesome!

Once again, yours truly wishes you, you and YOU a Happy Halloween Night! 
For more varieties, visit Concordia Art and start shopping todae!
Alternatively, LIKE Concordia's Page on Facebook or follow them at Twitter!
Looking forward to some Christmas hand-made products from Concordia! :P

28 October, 2011

The Nyonya Heritage

Location of the day:

Family Heritage Cafe
No. 658-F, Jalan Intan,
Taman Bukit Melaka,
Bukit Beruang,
75450 Melaka.

Tel.: 06-2327116

The café is opened every day,
except on Wednesday, from 12.00pm to 3.00pm, and 5.30pm to 10.00pm.
And they also provide catering services.

#1 Ayam Pongteh (Nyonya Chicken and Potato Stew)
It is a famous Nyonya dish, generally a chicken stew cooked with fermented soybean paste, potatoes and shiitake mushrooms. An aromatic dish from Nyonya's kitchen, it is served with plenty of delectable broth and delivers the taste of sweet-savory owing to the main ingredients of fermented soybean paste and palm sugar.

#2 A must-try--- Authentic Nyonya Cendol, with added Gula Melaka

#3 Cincaluk Omelette
It is also known as telur dadar cincaluk--- Aromatic, with just a tint of the saltiness and sweet taste from the fermented baby shrimps and eggs.

#4 Sambal Okra (Sambal Lady's Fingers)
Out of all of the famous Nyonya food, I love this the most, thanks to its delicious good taste. The addition of dried shrimp adds depth to the taste structure of this simple but scrumptious dish.

It's time to try out some other Nyonya Dessert! :D

Let's try out the Nyonya Pulut!
It's some blue stained Glutinous Rice Cakes come from a flower named Bunga Telang,
wrapped with banana leaves and eaten with kaya.

And another famous dessert: Kuih Ketayap! :D
The Gula Melaka (Palm sugar) indeed makes every dessert tastes very much better!

Hahas! I love this-- It looks like the ice-cream which costed me only 10cent when I was in primary school! But this one I'm holding is Kuih Dodol.

It also comes in pyramid shapes, packed nicely
with 4 flavours--- Coconut, Durian, Pandan and Original.

Last but not least,
my all-time favourite: Pineapple Tarts!
This is the first time I've ever seen such an abundance of tarts,
imagine how much is everything here.

Nyonya Pineapple Tarts from ChristinaEe :D
Love 'em all!

It was indeed a great dining experience at the Family Heritage Café and I will definitely be going back there to try out some of their other dishes. Reasonably-priced; and you are definitely getting your money worth back.

23 October, 2011

Hello Kitty Aimi

If you've noticed, this Hello Kitty Aimi bag is listed on my wishlist. I really wish to have such an awesome Hello Kitty bag from Samantha Thavasa! It is on sale @ Minimaos.com, costing only RM 199 compared to its original price @ RM 279.

Look at this super kawaii Kitty charm at the side of the bag!

The front view looks elegant with some cuteness in the flowery material :D

You can see two Hello Kitty bows on both sides :D

With 3 compartments inside--- It is really spacious and you can put everything in it! :D

And... The Good News Is:


Okay. I didn't buy it from Minimaos,
but through friends network I got this kawaii bag at a much lower price!

I instantly fall in love with this lovely Hello Kitty! :D

Yep, it is for sale in Japan only so it is imported all the way from Japan to Malaysia,
and it reaches my hand in less than a month time!

Super fast courier :D

The liberty print on the bag is always gorgeous.

Originality preserves :)


19 October, 2011

SHILLS Meet Beauty Bloggers Event with Sakae Sushi

Event of the dae was held @
Shills Concept Store (Besides Guardian, near to ChaTime)
LG 06, Berjaya Times Square,
No.1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Contact Number: 03-2145 8586
Business Hours: Daily 10.00 am - 10.00 pm
Before I start, please allow me to thank JQ for the invitation to this event!

To complement with the dress code of the day, 
I wore a white top with cardigan, matching with a pair of blossom red shorts.

Have you ever heard of SHILLS?
It’s a Taiwanese based brand, offering beauty lovers an assortment of cosmetics, hair care products, body care equipments and slimming items. SHILLS Store are selling 3 brand names--- SHILLS itself, Anosa (Mainly for slimming products) and Dot.Dot (More on make-up products). 

Here’s its first outlet in Malaysia, opened since a year ago.

Meet the friendly, sweet-looking staff here!

Even the itinerary alone can already make me get excited!

They’re now celebrating their first year anniversary, 
hence promotions and packages are offered at only RM1, RM 11 and RM111 for wide range of products!

#1 : Slimming clothes (For arms, waist, butt, hips and legs)-- You can get one for less than RM100!
#2 : Sweet, nicely-packaged beauty products :)
#3 and #4 : Hot items are now sold at a discount!
#5 : Latest product-- Bio Active series Eye Treatment to brighten your eyes.

The emcee of the dae is here to host the game session with the fellow beauty bloggers.

Meet the professional make up and skin care artist of SHILLS, Ms. Eva!

It’s time for demonstration by Ms. Eva with the model of the dae--- Applying moisture cream with certain techniques, allowing the skin to absorb and finally measuring the moisture level. The effect can be immediately seen! Very miraculous :)

The bloggers are then being introduced with various new products.

Here's the whole set of the newly-introduced Bio Active series of products. 
It is featured in the 女人我最大 magazine of the month too!

These include:

Left: SHILLS -5ºC Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray @ RM 69/ 250ml 
It helps to effectively decrease skin temperature and tighten pores, perfectly suit those who always go to beaches and exposed to sun for long hours. It keeps us fresh for the whole dae and hydrate dry skin effectively. 

Middle: SHILLS Whitening Acne Care Body Spray 
It is used to control acne on the body (not face!), cleanse pores and prevent them from getting clogged.

Right: SHILLS 3M Bubble Body Scrub @ RM 79 / 250ml
The super fine bubbles can easily penetrate into pores and eliminate excess oil and impurities. With the help of papaya and pumpkin enzyme, dead skin cells can be melted gently and then form a translucent radiance skin!

Each of us received a goodie bag comprising of items worth up to RM500! :D

The complimentary gifts include: 

#1: SHILLS Instant Pink Essence @ RM 79 
It functions as an anti-oxidant, hydrates and repairs skin, and brightens the dull areas! Can be used on both lips and nipples :P 

#2: Anosa Fit Patch @ RM 69 / box (8 pieces--- Can be used for 16 times) 
Place half a piece onto your tummy, thigh or arms and feel the heat--- It contains L-Carnitine essence which helps burning fat and allow the skin to get firm again! Want a flat tummy? Get this today :D 

#3: SHILLS Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask 
The natural ingredients used are very helpful for deep cleansing. Highly recommended coz' we're often exposed to tonnes and tonnes of dust and impurities we don't realise!

#4Bio Active Stem Cell Combat Eye Treatment
This is the sample version of the one I've explained above. Worth a try!

This is me, using the mask. The whole piece is completely charcoal-burned!

Two whole books of discount vouchers are given to us for FREE! Wow, this can really make you shop until you drop! P/S: If you’d love to get some SHILLS / Anosa / Dot.Dot products, please do not hesitate to get some vouchers from me :) #Sharingiscaring!

Meet the girlish products of Dot.Dot---

#1: 3-tone Compact Face Powder ; Brightens your complexion with a natural look!
#2: DOT.DOT. Lip Balm ; Moisture and prevent dullness on your lips.
#3: QQ Lip Gloss @ RM 59.00 ; I adore its packaging!
#4: DOT.DOT Doll-Like Eye Lashes @ RM 52.00 each

If you have further enquiries, do log on to www.shills.com.tw for more details or simply walk-in to the outlet @ Berjaya Timquare, KL or Dataran Pahlawan, Malacca to consult the professional beauticians!

After the session of learning A to Z about SHILLS, Anosa and Dot.Dot, 
it’s finally the tea break time with Sakae Sushi :D

Froggie welcomes us :D

The NEW iPad interactive menu is currently available at Sakae Sushi outlets in The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Berjaya Time Square with more to come!

The iPad attached onto the table can be rotated 360 degree for the ease and convenience of customers.

5-guided steps for food-ordering makes your meal easier and more satisfying :D 
It’s simply easy-pessy for all ranges of age!

Each blogger is rewarded with 5 pieces of RM10 gift voucher. 
So who wanna join me next for a meal there? :)

Super Lunch Deals are up; Do check it out at the nearest branch todae!

From left to right: Pinky; Traclyn; Wendy; FiSh

Look at the crowd! More than 30 bloggers are welcomed to enjoy the meal together.
Four in a table, and let’s start MAKAN now! :D

Genmaicha helps to clear the stomach before meal :)

Let’s start off with the sushi platter! It includes Salmon Rolls, Soft Shell Crabs in Egg Roll and yummy Mochi.

Picture #4 is the "Sakae Candle Sushi", a signature dish from Sakae Sushi which consists of avocado, Japanese cucumber, crabmeat, shrimp roe, cod fish and mayonnaise. It costs around RM 10.90 for two pieces! 

Chicken Teriyaki Don @ RM 7.90 (Promotion Price)
Chawan Mushi with Shark Fin and Assorted Mushroom <3
After enjoying the meal, the event is concluded with a great group picture taking.

Hope to get more invitation for similar events!
And see you girls again in the upcoming events :D

JQ and FiSh
I’ll miss you, Little Froggy!

P/S: SHILLS, Anosa and Dot.Dot Products are easily available at SHILLS Concept Store and any SASA outlets nationwide! Grab ‘em now, while the promotion is still on :P

Stay beautiful always and enjoy the healthy, awesome food

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