23 April, 2012

FiSh Castle @ Damansara Uptown

Welcome to the Fish Castle! :D

So they build a castle restaurant for me and name it after me!
This outlet I visit here has a pretty decent, comfy ambiance.

Teow Chew fish ball, I love 'em.
The restaurant is owned by a Malay, but surprisingly the food stuff there are all of Chinese style.

Here's part of the menu, mainly comprising of fish balls, fish noodles and fish cakes.

However, if you're not a fan of fish food stuff, the most basic Nasi Lemak and Malaysian-styled rendang would be a good choice for you. Look at the prices, I personally think that it's quite reasonable and worth the money.

Despite of being a FISH restaurant, they diversify their menu
by offering a good range of  Chinese dessert and beverages. 

Look at the marble and wood furniture; The entire Chinese concept is revealed :)

Fish only. It's for a FISH addict like me to eat my best friends.

#1 Red Bean Sago Dessert @ RM 2.50

I'm kinda uneasy when the dessert comes before the main course. But it tastes fine for me as you can see the generous amount of red beans used to prepare this dessert. However, it's a little too coarse and lacking of the chewy transparent sago.

#2 Fried Fish Noodle and Chee Cheong Fun @ RM 6.50

This is, impressively good with the crunchy fish noodles! Instead of frying kuey teow like any other hawker stall, the chef uses fish noodle and rolls of chee cheong fun to provide a blend of chewy yet  soft combination. Such creative dish is highly recommended in this restaurant!

#3 Soup Noodle @ RM 5.50

Other than the bouncy homemade fish balls, I can't find any other specialty in this bowl of noodle. 
Therefore, it's overpriced in my opinion.

Two outlets are open in whole Malaysia now.
Do visit this shop when you pass by PJ or Cyberjaya area :D

1. The seasonings are too strong despite of the flavourful dishes. 
2. The homemade fish balls are one of the bounciest I've ever tried!
3. I'm fine with the portion which is just sufficient for a moderate eater. 

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