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03 August, 2012

Decanter PJ @ Section 17 PJ

Decanter simply means a vessel to hold an array of  premium wine. Here I expect it to be another round of good dining experience, located at the secluded row of two-storey shoplots around PJ. 

Gaining its popularity, it has expanded the business to various places including Bukit Damansara, LCCT, Jalan Tun Razak as well as Jalan Setiakasih.

The good thing about this restaurant is that it opens until 12 midnight. This is because I have encountered numerous experiences with many restaurants which close at 10.30pm or 11pm, and the waiters will eventually rush us (the customers) to leave as soon as possible, some even show their impatience by taking away the half-eaten food. How rude it is!

Perhaps you've come across the name D1 before, and Decanter is the new name for this restaurant.

As mentioned, the restaurant is a double-storey outlet. As you can see from the above picture, 
the ground floor of Decanter is more of English style, with bright lights and vibrant red chairs.

As for the top floor of the restaurant, the lights are more dim, with dark-colored furniture. 
Bar and wine become the centre of attention for most diners here.

Modeled after the colonial bars of old, Decanter offers a relaxed, quiet place 
to enjoy a drink from the impressive list of whiskys.

Here's the menu of the wine, not cheap eh?

The menu for the "Today's Special" Corner changes everyday and it is subject to availability.

#1 Indonesian Fried Rice @ RM 10.00
You can choose between local or Indonesian style fried rice with sambal, prawns, squid, sliced chicken with mixed vegetable. Suitable for those who don’t fancy Western food. And it's not as oily and spicy as I first thought. 

#2 House Salad @ RM 13.00
This platter of specialty salad is simplified as mixed garden green tossed with tomato wedges, cucumber and black olive in house dressing. It's colourful and healthy but it disappoints me when I learn that the house dressing is just the common mayonnaise. 

#3 Cheese Chicken Chop @ RM 19.00
Being a hardcore cheese lover, a portion of boneless chicken thigh topped with Mozzarella cheese and ham, served with potato wedges and vegetables tastes great as the cheese topping melts in your mouth and the balance of saltiness for this platter is just right for me.

#4 Grilled Chicken in Mushroom Sauce @ RM 16.00
Another plate of boneless chicken thigh is served with potato wedges and vegetables of the day. The mushroom sauce is served hot with the grilled chicken, so the aromatic dish really makes my stomach growls!

#5 Spaghetti alla Carbonara @ RM 18.00 
The ingredients here include turkey ham, egg yolk, garlic, mixed herbs with cream sauce. The thick, creamy sauce is neither too sticky nor watery, thanks to the herbs that spice up the dish!

#6 Grilled Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce @ RM 16.00
To my disappointment, this boneless chicken thigh is topped with very mild black pepper sauce that I can hardly taste. Despite of the tender chicken, honestly I'd love this if they can add more black pepper for the sauce.

#7 Fish and Chips @ RM 18.00
Call me bias, but anything deep-fried without too much oil would taste good for me. The crispy fish fillet is best served with mayonnaise and lemon; It's so far not too bad but I've tried better ones.

#8 Fruity Combo @ RM 8.80
Washing down the chunks of proteins with a glass of mixed concoction of apple, carrot, pineapple and watermelon. The left picture is when it is first served, beautifully mixed and looks appealing. Whereas on the right side, I have this juice separated into two parts--- Water and blended fruits.

#9 Hot Chocolate @ RM 6.00 
A decent glass of chocolate drinks would be a good choice if you'd wish to chill, chit-chat and just relax yourself under such cosy ambiance. However, it's overpriced in my opinion. 

The grand total is RM 169.70 for this 8-pax meal, meaning approximately RM 20++ per person. 
Now you tell me whether it worths your money :)

1. Out of 7 main courses, I'd go for only 4.
2. Nevertheless, I have a good dining experience there with Decanter located strategically and its warm ambience.
3. There is of course room of improvement for the food, but I enjoy the meal for the evening with good companions.

Decanter PJ
5, Jalan 17/56, Section 17,
46400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Contact: 603-7968 1300


  1. wow! i love to try ...

  2. Went to this outlet too when my last visit, the food was just average in my book :)

  3. Didn't notice this restaurant whenever I am in Sec 17. Will put it down in my food map. :)

    Kuala Lumpur Photoshoot PART 2

  4. would love to try the spaghetti . . .

    practically I would try every spaghetti u posted HAHAHA :X

  5. When you want to authenticate your antiques decanter, you need to take age in consideration. The older it is, the more precious it gets


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