12 November, 2012

Eyuzu Japanese Ala Carte Menu @ Eastin Hotel PJ

The last time I walked into Eyuzu, an authentic Japanese restaurant nestled in Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya, was in April 2012 for its sumptuous spread of buffet.

If you fancy authentic Japanese food, Eyuzu serves a delicious Shumatsu Weekend Buffet dinner at RM86++ per adult (RM43++ per adult). It is legendary among lovers of Japanese fare, not just for its uncompromising quality and variety, but also for being value-for-money, as hearty diners enjoy unlimited dining.

Despite now it has a buffet promotion of "Buy 4 FREE 1" on a Sunday night,
my second visit here focuses on its a la carte dishes, most of them are the chef's pick of the menu.

Entering the spacious private dining area, the restaurant is adorned with Japanese ornaments and
one gets a warm welcoming feeling with the dark wooden interior. 

#1 Sashimi and Maki Sushi 
(From RM95++ for Sashimi and RM40++ for Eyuzu Maki)

Top of the list is the all-time favourite Sashimi Moriawase, an array of raw fish assortment accompanied with chef's signature soft shell crab sushi. Adding a lemon zing, the raw tuna, salmon, sea bass and surf clam beautifully retain the fresh taste of their succulent flesh, and are an excellent pick-me-up if you are looking for something light, tasty and healthy to nibble on. 

#2 Shake Kabuto Jiru (RM26++)

For those who would like to start the meal with a hot soup, a variety of fresh soups are available. Refreshingly light and soulfully healthy, the delicious bowlful of Salmon Head Miso Soup has a distinctive character on its own. 

Look at my huge chunks of salmon! It's delighting to be able to try salmon in soup.
Such a truly comfort food serves perfectly well during this rainy season. 

#3 Chawan Mushi (RM13++)

Next is another appetizer that I must order whenever I dine at any Japanese eatery, a classic steamed egg custard that is silky and light in texture. However, each spoonful sends an explosion of rich, fragrant flavour from the chunks of meat and mushroom through the senses. 

#4 Seafood Okonomiyaki 

Hot off the teppanyaki iron griddle is the promotion item of the month, Okonomiyaki, which literally means "Pancake as you like it". Price starting from RM20++, you can get a sizzling hot Japanese 'pizza' with toppings of your choice--- Choose from smoked salmon, unagi, chicken, seafood and even vegetarian!

Luck is on my side today, I get to watch live demonstration of the step-by-step okonomiyaki-making by the Japanese culinary chefs. I learn that the topping is cooked beforehand, while the shredded vegetables in flour mixture is very thick in consistency so that it is able to hold the stuffings well. 

After adding the salmon chunks and eggs, it looks more interesting 
(and more tasty, of course!) and I can smell the aroma wafting in the air! 

The final step is to add the sweet, thick okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise before sprinkling it with finely chopped spring onions and my favourite dancing bonito flakes. 

#5 Okonomiyaki with Smoked Salmon and Seafood 

Looking at the live cooking demo just makes my stomach growl louder! When it comes to my first mouthful upon this pancake, I am totally smitten. I love how well the blend of sweetness enhances the pancake with a nice smoky tinge.

#6 Unagi Kabayaki and Saba Shioyaki 

One of the notable main dishes is the grilled fish. The duo combination of fish is perfectly balanced with one falling on a heavier note of savory taste and the other going lighter in flavour. 

#7 Unagi Kabayaki (RM55++ per serving)

The Grilled Eel with Sweet Soya Sauce is deboned (Yay!) before it is broiled on a grill to juicy perfection. It is soft and slimy, loaded with caramelized sweetness that makes this a palatable dish.

#8 Saba Shioyaki (RM30++ per serving)

I found the Grilled Mackerel with Salt Seasoning surprisingly bland despite of it being grilled with generous amount of salt. Adding a subtle zest of lemon juice would be nice while retaining  its moist flesh. 

Take your pick from the Teppanyaki items, and the chef will grill them right in front of you. 
 The aromatics and special sauce are turning the white tuna and beef rolls into something delicious!

I am thrilled that it is imbued with a garlicky flavour as the topping!

#9 The Trio (Teppanyaki)

After showing us the grilling process, the foodstuff is placed into an individual serving. 
The lightly cooked Mix Mushroom in Butter Sauce (RM40++) is a nice addition too. 

#10 Teppanyaki Grilled White Tuna in Garlic-Butter Sauce (RM55++)

The white tuna is soft and melts in the mouth. It is well-flavoured by the garlic butter sauce 
and quite tasty though not as pungent as I had thought it would be. 

#11 Teppanyaki Grilled Beef Roll with Enoki Mushroom (RM48++)

The toasted garlic bits sprinkled on top of it are not merely for garnishing. 
As I savour the meat, I discover its magic as the overall taste of the tender beef is lifted up. 

#12 Tempura 

(From RM46++ per serving for Ebi Tempura (Prawns)
RM30++ per serving for Kisu Tempura (Silver Whiting) 
RM20++ per serving for Yasai Tempura (Assorted Vegetables))

The last main dish is the most sought-after. Besides the lightly battered vegetables, the crispy prawn would appeal to fans of this particular seafood. The prawns are succulent and have a crunch at every bite, complementing well with the tempura sauce.

#13 Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Paste (RM12++)

To complete your meal is sweet indulgence like the ice cream selection. The green tea flavour is quite pleasing with a smooth vanilla scent, simply not too sweet yet flavoursome. Topped with red bean paste, it hits the soft spot of those with a sweet tooth. 

1. Just 15 minutes from the heart of Kuala Lumpur lies an enjoyable Japanese dining experience that emphasizes on quality and value for money. 
2. Recommended: Okonomiyaki, Enoki Beef Rolls and Tempura 
3. I wouldn't be surprised to visit Eyuzu for the third time, to further explore its exciting menu. 

Eyuzu Japanese Restaurant

Level 2
Eastin Hotel 
13, Jalan 16/11, 
46350 Petaling Jaya, 
Contact: 603-7628 7368
Website: www.eastin.com

Business Hours:
Lunch: 12noon - 2.30pm daily
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm daily
Sat & Sun: Shumatsu Buffet Dinner - 6.30pm - 10pm


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