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10 November, 2012

Blackmores 80th Anniversary: Ensuring Natural Health

November is not just the month of my birthday, but it's also the birthday for Blackmores

Blackmores, a leading health supplement brand in the world that needs no introduction, 
and it is my honour to gather at Shelter: Home For Children off Jalan Gasing, PJ
for the celebration of Blackmores' 80th Anniversary

This is my first visit to Shelter 1, perhaps I can consider being a volunteer next round :)

If you have tight schedules, you can put a little effort in changing the children's life 
via donations. More information available at Shelter: Home For Children Website. 

Mr Eddy Ong, the Country Manager of Blackmores Malaysia expresses his gratitude 
towards all the presentees, as well as briefly introduce to us the history of Blackmores. 

Dear children and the elders, let's enjoy cake-cutting during such a momentous occasion! 

Not to forget, we also have the senior citizens from Rumah Charis with us on that day. 
I am happy to see smiles craved on their faces :) So energetic and joyful they are!

Together we share our joy with the team from Blackmores.
Look at their HEALTHY faces, now I think I should get my Blackmores supplement!

No party is complete without FOOD! Pastry, sandwiches, pizza and chicken are among the savouries in the buffet spread, and the list of food goes on with various desserts and beverages. 

Most importantly, the old folks are served with abundance of fruits.
It is a perfect expression for Blackmores towards the vision of a healthier and happier world. 
Yums! Friends and I have a great time munching the delicious food 
while enjoying performances by a few guest performers of the day. 

Good food comes hand in hand with lively music.  I wish I have a sweet voice like Fern Eu, an 18-year-old student who sang songs from yesteryear such as Fly me to the Moon and Moon River! 

Some little tricks and jokes by Edward, the magician from Atrix Entertainment
 are just as great to entertain the group of kids.

Kids, who don't love GAMES? 

In one of the game challenges for the children, they have to dance in Oppa Gangnam Style! In fact, this latest Korean hit is a favourite for them! They can dance so well for the 'horse-riding' part. 

Of course the celebration doesn't just end here! 

Blackmores' 80th year indicates a significant milestone, and there's something BIG HAPPENING now to give back to the society. There Blackmores launches their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, the Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 along with the celebration.

After all the sweats and laughter, it's time for present giving! 

The Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign 2012 encourages us Malaysians to extend a kind deed to another Malaysian, and the first deed Blackmores does is giving out RM80,000 worth of Blackmores supplement to children and senior citizens homes in Klang Valley & Selangor! 

Overjoyed, I am like a happy kid to receive the goodie bag from Blackmores.
I think the 3 bottles of supplement I get can last me for at least 6 months!

Of course nobody would be left out. There are more gifts received by the old folks from Rumah Charis, represented by Ms Suzanne Lee, the Operation Manager of Rumah Charis.

Another recipient of the Blackmores supplement for Rumah Shelter is Mr. Cheok Hoong Poh,
General Manager of Shelter Home for Children before the celebration comes to a close.

All in all, it is a very meaningful event. For the sake of our health, and for charity. Sometimes lending a helping hand may be just a little effort. But each small effort that we make will create a huge difference in the lives of the unfortunate ones. 

And remember, it's always not too late to contribute to the community! 

Watch the video if you're keen on knowing more bout Blackmores :)

Once again, Happy 80th Birthday to Blackmores!
All the best in the journey of ensuring natural health :)

For the 80 Good Deeds Campaign 2012, you stand a chance to win away amazing prizes! 
Just share your good deeds via social media network and send your entries to !!! Be quick, contest ends on 4th December! 

-Yours Truly and Pen Merah-

Blackmores Malaysia
Official Website:
Facebook Page:


  1. Happy 80th Birthday to Blackmores!!!!

  2. here's wishing you a very happy birthday this month! :D oooh, and i remember having taken some blackmores vitamin supplements before. a trusted brand indeed, ya :D

  3. thats a pretty cool event and campaign

  4. Not going to lie. That cake looks great.

  5. I had no idea Blackmores was that old :)

    Beautiful cake and happy birthday to you!

  6. cake look good~ and happy 80th birthdays to blackmores~

  7. for a moment there I thought it was your birthday :p Bute read one then noticed the cake


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