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06 January, 2013

Poon Choy 盆菜 (Treasure Pot) at Pin Xiang Restaurant (品香大饭店) , Aman Suria

New year has just commenced, but do you realize the Chinese New Year is coming our way very soon? It is only a month away! And here comes the hardest time to decide where to have our reunion dinner because most restaurants will be closed during the festive season. I could hardly find any food out there last year! :( 

Fret not, this year something awesome will be cooked at Pin Xiang Chinese Restaurant (品香大饭店), Aman Suria. Located near to Paradigm Mall, my dinner at this eatery few months back was satisfying,
hence now I'm back for more!

#1 Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot (金玉满堂新春盆菜) 
(M) RM338++ (6-8 pax) / (L) RM498++ (10-12 pax) 

Let's begin the Year of Snake on a prosperous note with Alan Yun, the Malaysian actor cum artist.
The treasure pot, or more commonly known as 盆菜 among Chinese, is a symbolic dish for celebrations. Made from 18 types of ingredients (sometimes even more!), it symbolizes prosperity, wealth, happiness, health, and joy for the year. So how can I not usher the auspicious year with such special dish!

Out of the 18 ingredients, the chef has used many premium quality seafood imported from oceans
around the world. Some noteworthy ones include:

Australian Premium Braised 10 Heads Abalone (特级欧洲十头鲍)
Japanese Premium Dried Scallops (特级日本瑶柱)
Australian Sea Cucumber (上等欧洲海参)
Premium Fish Maw (上等鱼鳔)
Korean Dried Oysters (韩国原粒蚝鼓)
“AA” Mushrooms (上等AA级茶花菇) 

What a delightful festive treat!

Other ingredients include sliced pearl abalone (珍珠鲍片), Victoria Sea Asparagus (维多利亚海芦笋), superior braised pork (元蹄), fresh XL sea prawns (大明虾), premium bailing mushrooms (白靈菇), dried beancurd skin (豆根), China lotus roots (中国莲藕), village chicken (菜园鸡), roasted duck (烧鸭), golden pearl balls (掌上明珠), sea moss (发菜) and pig's tendons (蹄筋).

Tailor-made to symbolize prosperity and opulence, it also caters for those who wish to have annual ritual of reunion dinners at home. All take-away Treasure Pot comes in a complimentary stainless steel pot, suitable for reheating. I can assure you that family members from near and far can gather to enjoy a wonderful dinner without having to slave over the stove for hours to prepare six to eight festive dishes.

Treasure pot is indeed a luxurious dish on its own, but rest assured, Pin Xiang offers a more economic one,
stuffed with same amount of goodness from 16 different types of ingredients.

 Signature Prosperity Treasure Pot (满发财盆菜) 
(M) RM238++ (6-8 pax) / (L) RM338++ (10-12 pax) 

For the health conscious, here's a good news for you because you can enjoy 
equally delicious dish made of the same 18 ingredients but with a much lower cholesterol level.

Healthy Vegetarian Treasure Pot (素吃养生健康盆菜)
(M) RM168++ (6-8 pax) 

#2 First Class Charcoal Roasted Chicken (品香炭烧一品鸡)
Half @ RM30 / Whole @ RM60

Chef and his team have whipped up some signature dishes for your festive gatherings. Half-filled with loads of seafood treasure, my stomach still growls hungrily when the signature poultry dish is served upon us. 

Using the traditional charcoal roasting method, it manages to bring out a crispy, thin layer of skin with burnt deliciousness at the edges, while the flesh remains soft and succulent. The sweetness of longans are nice additions to the savory dish. 

#3 Stir Fried Spinach (清炒芫菜)

#4 Stir Fried Choy Sum with Bittergourd (苦瓜菜心
(M) RM12 / (L) RM20

Washing down the calories are some home-style vegetables, bursting with myriads of flavours despite of the use of simple ingredients. Veges are not always green and uninteresting, here at Pin Xiang you can try something totally unique and one of its kind!

#5 Fried Meehoon with Fresh Crabs (品香蟹炒米) @ Seasonal Price

Whenever you pass by Pin Xiang, don't forget to drop by for its signature fried meehoon with
chunks of meaty crabs. The seafood goodness is well-absorbed into the noodles,
creating a fresh and juicy combination. Superb!

To enjoy a prosperity abalone treasure, be sure to place your order 2 working days in advance to avoid disappointments. Don't forget your Prosperity Yee Sang of the year too!

Order right away by calling 03-7804 0798. 
Booking period: Now till 22 Feb 2013 
Delivery period: Now till 24 Feb 2013

1. I love this restaurant for its selection of humble fare that's akin to home-cooking. 
2. Recommended: Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot and Healthy Vegetarian Treasure Pot
3. Pricewise, surely you'd pay for the value of fresh, high-quality ingredients and tasty food.

Restaurant Pin Xiang
H-18-G, Jalan PJU 1/45,
Aman Suria,
47301 Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact:  603-7804 0798 / 016-291 0101
Operating Hours: 7.30am to 12midnight daily


  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOO many abalones.... *drools* Wish i can have some in this coming Chinese New Year... Happy New Year to you Fish! :)

  2. Wah!!!! So expenisve...but understandable as all the ingredients, expensive ones. Not a fan of poon choy though - would rather have everything on their own - each cooked in their own nice ways.

  3. Wow! all the Ho Liao ingredients are there... Hmm, I am thinking of the price already. By the way, it's a good dinner dishes with family during CNY Reunion... Thank you FiSh, you make me feel like the CNY atmosphere is almost here! :D

  4. looks like a great place for a family dinner! :D

  5. Wooow im starving abalones look soo delicious..Happy new year to u ^_____^

  6. i never like shell foods so i guess in this case ill stick with the chicken

  7. Wow looks so nice!!! Love all your food post fish!!

  8. Love the treasure pot full of "liew"

  9. what's the red stuffs at the centre of the pot?

  10. Walaueh...u r seriously skilled . Food looks gorgeous

  11. Yummy Prosperity Treasure Pot!! But my last time eating at Pin Xiang was a disappointment! Hope they have improved! : )

  12. How come I don't see any fish dish? Ooo...I know, the live 'FISH' was busy photographing the delicious food. LOL!!


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