03 January, 2013

Fish Valley @ Semenyih, Selangor

How nice would it be to dine under such tranquil environment with chirping of birds and breezy wind!

The Fish Valley Semenyih Restaurant, located far at the outskirt of Kajang town, is a hotspot for tourists and has been featured under Tourism Selangor. This place is really huge, with meximum capacity of 500 diners!

 Choose between dining indoors or by the lakeside under the shady trees, with the flowing water. 

You can even catch your own fish, and bring to their chef to prepare your freshest dish of seafood!

 #1 Bean Curd with Mushroom, Seafood and Broccoli @ RM20 

All the fresh ingredients here are braised slowly in the thick seafood sauce, and everything is nicely done that it does not soften too easily. Considering the price, the seafood comes in a rather big portion and I love the freshness in the baby abalones!

 #2 Deep Fried Squids with Salted Egg @ RM15

This plate is considered as the 'Small' portion yet we can't finish it. The crispy coating of salted egg is simply irresistible as the sweet and salty flavours infuse into the juiciness of the seafood. Good to be served as snack too.

#3 Deep Fried Fish with Peanut Sauce @ RM30 

Upon serving, I'm truly amazed with this dish! The fish is deep-fried into golden brown perfection wbile retaining the smooth, flaky white flesh in it. The bits and chunks of garlic, onions and peanuts add crunchiness to the dish. On top of that, I love the tangy lime sauce that goes so well with the peanut!

#4 Steamed Fish with Ginger Paste @ RM30 

Another fresh fish to savour on during the meal. The ginger paste is quite thick and so rich that every spoonful of fish is full of ginger goodness.

#5 Stir-Fried Baby Vegetables @ RM15

It may look like a simple dish, but comprising of all the young stems makes it more unique. Each bit is so soft and almost effortless to chew and swallow it. Thumbs up!  

1. Cheap, fresh and affordable, I'd travel all the way here for the goodness of the food.
2. Recommended: Deep Fried Fish with Peanut Sauce
3. A perfect escapade from the city. The surrounding is so nice that I think I want to have a one-day trip to this place! 

Fish Valley Semenyih
Sri Haneco Industrial Park
Jalan Kachau,
43500 Semenyih,

Contact: 012-382 5518 / 018-668 8198
Email: info@fishvalleysemenyih.com
GPS: N 2" 58.258" E 101" 52.211"
Restaurant Business Hours: 11am - 10pm
Fish Park Business Hours: 7am - 7pm

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